Icons for an RPG character that has no journal, no game, but a hell of a lot of angst.

His boyfriend is dead... Perfecting that blank stare Crazy Old Marcus Flint (He talks to himself a lot) o_O Smoking kills... ....but not quick enough.
A little justifiable anger at the world Damn, but he is pretty when he pouts. His life is absurd. Trust me. The drinking and passing out parts of life... The random ability to glare...at everything.
The oddest possible lot in life... Not quite sure what he's hearing....or seeing...or feeling Dude. He can be happy occasionally. His boyfriend's a ghost and won't let him sleep. (Don't ask.) War Weary
It just starts to wear you down... The inability to do anything right... Contemplating drastic measures Please. Fuck off. He used to be evil. He's still surly.
There are still a few things even he can't believe. Hell to pay. Searching someone...