ravenclawxpadma: *is wandering around the school looking for a good place to hide, spots Flint and grins, speeding up to walk next to him, playfully butting shoulders with him* You know, nobody else is around. This is ample leap time...

exchaser flint: *rolls his eyes, smirking* Now, I thought we went over this. No leaping. Ever. *blinks, grinning slightly* And you shoulder butted me. You shouldn't do that.

ravenclawxpadma: *shakes her head* Tsk, tsk...Flint. Trying to squirm out of leaping... You promised. *grins, butting shoulders with him again* Oh? Why not? *does it again, grinning*

exchaser flint: *raises an eyebrow* I've had a very stressful weekend. *presses the back of his hand against his forehead* I'm afraid that leaping will only drive me deeper into the pits of depression. *narrows his eyes, playfully* Because I kill people who butt shoulders with me. It's a nasty habit. *butting his own shoulder against hers*

ravenclawxpadma: *sighs, shaking her head* Fine. You won't be able to pull that one forever, you know. You'll leap... *grins* Aww...such a meanie. *grins wider, returning his shoulder butt* But you wouldn't kill me.

exchaser flint: *smirks* Yay. I win. *chuckles* And you never know. The rate I'm going, I'm going to spend the rest of my life in a state of lovely confusion. It's quite nice. Perhaps I'll do it just to avoid leaping. *grins slightly* Oh, I don't know. I can be most irrational. *grins wider*

ravenclawxpadma: *pouts* B-but...I want a leap. *smiles slightly* Well, look at the bright side: at least you've got an excuse not to leap. *narrows her eyes* For now. *rolls her eyes* Wandless Hindi curses, Flint. I could take you out before you knew that I was speaking... *grins*

exchaser flint: *narrows his eyes at the pouting* No fair pouting. At all. *snorts* Oh, yes, I did all of this on purpose, simply to get out of leaping. Feel honored, yet? *smirks* I'd duck, pet. I learned that lesson from one too many bludgers to the head. Granted, it'd do no good at all, and I'd end up just as dead/unconscious. But I'd try. And that's what counts.

ravenclawxpadma: *sighs, rolling her eyes* Fine. No pouting. But I still want a leap. *smiles softly* Sorry. You sure you're okay? *grins, reaching up to pat his head* Poor Flint. He's just so self-defeating...

exchaser flint: *blinks* And now you're patting me on the head. *smirks* You'll get you're leap, Patil. Trust me. *smiles slightly* Other than the fact that Oliver Wood enjoys working up a load of sexual tension and then prancing away like a magnificent poof? All the while not bothering to tell me that he was seeing someone else, a...friend of mine. *nods* Yeah, I'm fine. Better than yesterday. Grins* I just won't be leaping anytime soon.

ravenclawxpadma: *smiles slightly* Aww... *gives him a big, friendly hug* 'm sorry. I wish I could do something to help...

exchaser flint: *blinks at bit, stiffening slightly at that hug, then relaxes, returning the hug slightly, then shakes his head* Eh. I have moments where I'm a complete idiot. I've just had a couple of days of those moments. *smiles slightly* How've you been? Reading, I assume? *grinning a bit*

ravenclawxpadma: *shrugs* That's why I avoid people...usually. *smiles, nodding* Yep. Reading and playing Quidditch. I tend to hide. Most people get on my nerves.

exchaser flint: Oh, then we have something in common, pet. People annoy me. More often than not, to the point of heavy drinking. *smiles* My two favorite pasttimes. Well, aside from being mean and hitting people. I do those a lot too. *chuckles* Still need help with that other beater?

ravenclawxpadma: Well, I can't just go out and get drunk...so I hide. I've got this place staked out. *shakes her head, grinning* Sadist. *sighs, plopping her head on his arm as she walks* Yes. I swear, I'm about at the point of breaking out the hexes...

exchaser flint: *smiles slightly* There's an alcove just shy of the Astronomy Tower. I used to hide there when I was in school. It's nice and quiet. *grins slightly* I prefer 'sociopathic bully'. *slips his arm up and placing it around her shoulders in a friendly gesture* You and me both, pet. I'm in the general mood to hex first, ask question later.

ravenclawxpadma: *grins* Been there. It's my best spot. *laughs* Okay. You're a sociopathic bully, then. *grins* Well, I'm usually willing to reason first...for the most part. Usually. *shrugs*

exchaser flint: *smiles* Good. I'm glad someone else is getting use out of that spot. It's too good a hiding place for it to just go unused. *pats her on the head ligthly, grinning* Good girl. Just so long as you realize just what I am. *nods* A sociopath. *smirks* Reason's never been a strong point of mine. Violence. Violence works really well.

ravenclawxpadma: *nods, smiling* Yep. And I made sure that nobody else would get to it. Oh, how I love wards. *grins* I've got them everywhere, too... *grins slightly* Happy to oblige. *shrugs* Personally, you don't strike me as the sociopathic type, though. Well...not to me, anyway... *grins* But I'll call you what you want to be called... *grins* Well, it's some sort of intrinsic response to conflict. Then the curses come out... *grins wider* If reason fails, show them why you wanted to reason in the first place...namely hex them until they're begging for reason again.

exchaser flint: *smirks* Ah, yes, wards are wonderful things. And they make sure no one distrubs you when you're trying to get some reading done, which, really, you can't do in the common rooms because of the noise, or in the library because of the first years and their issues. *shrugs* Well, I've been called it enough. The name stuck. It's sort of....a word reclaiming. It can't be an insult if I like being called it. *smirks* See, my intrinsic response is usually to just hit them. *nods* It works, very well actually. *grins* Oooh, now, I knew there was a reason that I liked you.

ravenclawxpadma: *nods* Yeah. I wish that I had the initiative and time to be a prefect. I want my own room. *shrugs* Still... *grins* Whatever works. *laughs* Well, you're also a lot bigger and stronger than I am...I've got to do something. 'Sides...reasoning allows me to confuse people with my overly-complex vocabulary. It's fun. *grins wider* Why, thank you. Hexing is fun, anyway. The key is to cover your tracks...

exchaser flint: *nods* I would have killed for a prefect room. *blinks* Probably, literally. But Quidditch kept me too busy to actually get good enough marks for the prefect thing. *laughs* Yes, and I know how to throw my weight around enough to make sure no one questions me. Then I don't have to hex anyone. Glaring works then. *smirks* Oh, yes, using big words to confuse your enemies. That works probably more than it should with some of the faculty here. *nods* Exactly. Make it look like an accident, or blame the second year Hufflepuff on your left.

ravenclawxpadma: *shrugs* I just don't want to do rounds. 'Sides, empty classrooms make for wonderful lounges. *shrugs, pinching at her side* I'm a toothpick by comparison. *grins* Yeah. I love confusing people with the enigma that is complex grammar structure. *grins wider* I usually blame the Gryffindors. They get away with too much, anyway...

exchaser flint: *smirks* Precisely. And if you're a prefect, you'd feel obligated to make yourself available to your house as a whole. Then you'd never get to hide. *scoffs* Pfft. Apparently, I'm a fence post. *grins* Oh, and words with multiple syllables. Those are my favorites. *narrows his eyes* But then I have to explain it to the person I'm insulting, and it just loses something. *grins wider* Oh, a girl after my own heart. *nods* Yes. The Gryffindors get away with far too much. *eyes light up* Ooo. I can take house points.

ravenclawxpadma: *frowns* Yeah...and quite frankly I'd be compelled to kill myself shortly after. *grins slightly* Well, take comfort in the fact that you outweigh me by...a lot. *grins* Yeah...being smart's no fun when everybody else around you is so...thick-headed. *nods* And they're so smug. I hate that. *playfully snuggles against his shoulder, flashing her cutest grin* You can give them, too. *says through an innocent smile* Or you'll catch a certain chronic illness...namely me on a sugar high.

exchaser flint: *snorts* As would I. I'm not a people person. I never have been. *grins* I will. I'll throw that at Wood next time he starts talking about my weight. "Hey! I'm bigger than Patil. So there." *grins playfully at her, then nods* Exactly. They're all fighting a battle of wits armed with an empty squirt gun. It takes all the fun out of insulting them. *snorts* Smug. Full of themselves, and so very convinced that they deserve something because of that boy with a scar. *raises an eyebrow, smirking* All right. *in his best professor's voice* Five points to Ravenclaw for not being annoying. *smirks wider* And five points from Ravenclaw for sucking up. *grins* I was right. That was fun.

ravenclawxpadma: *laughs* Do. See what he says. *grins wider* Empty squirt guns and stupidity. Not a good combination. *shakes her head, sighing* Well, Slytherins and Ravenclaws pretty much rule the wizarding world...so they can be as smug as they like. *grins* Ooooh...I like this game. I'm so bringing you cookies tomorrow. *laughs* House points for cookies and sucking up. I want that job...

exchaser flint: *snorts* He'll probably not understand at all. *grins, shaking his head* As a general rule, no. Defintely not a good combination. *nods* Exactly. Both of our houses have the natural abilities necessary to rule. Cleverness, brains, ambition, and cunning. We're a deadly combination. *grins, perking up* Oooh, cookies? I like cookies. You may even get ten or twenty house points for cookies. *laughs* I think I'm going to enjoy the power.

ravenclawxpadma: *grins, nodding* Yep. Ravenclaws are just a bit more rational, at times. *shrugs* Slytherin-Ravenclaw teams make for very powerful...everything. *grins* Yeah...I've got lots of cookies...and the house elves let me go cook sometimes, if I beg. *thinks* Oooo...I've even got nummy Indian cookies that my grandmother sent me. *grins* They'll cost ya, though. *laughs* Well, I'll feed into the power-tripping if I get points. *thinks* I've got lots of goodies stashed, too. Candy, sweets in general...

exchaser flint: *grins* Pfft. Rational's nothing. Slytherins have the power necessary to do...pretty much anything. Or at least, the belief that we really do know everything. We're over-confident like that. *narrows his eyes* Oh, you're determined to have Ravenclaw win the cup simply by cooking you're way to the top... *shrugs* Ah, well. I'll live with that I suppose. *smirks* It'll cost me? What exactly will it cost me? *laughs* We're going to get along quite well, Patil.

ravenclawxpadma: *shrugs* That can be a flaw, too... *grins* See, they Slytherins need the Ravenclaws to help them stay calm and make sure that they don't get caught...and the Ravenclaws need the Slytherins to do the dirty work. *grins wider* Hey, why not use my abilities to my advantage? *chews on her bottom lip* Depends on what I'm giving you. *grins, butting her head against his arm, laughing* Yeah. I supply cookies, you supply points.

exchaser flint: *nods* It's the Dark Lord's main problem. *snorts* how very true. Then you get some of the Slytherins who are just very adept at getting the Ravenclaws to do all the work and then they sit back and reap the rewards. *grins, ruffling her hair* Exactly. You should always use what you do best to your advantage. Especially if it gives you a wonderful advantage. *raises an eyebrow, glancing at her* Depends on what I'm willing to give in payment.*grins, laughing slightly, nudging her with his arm* It's a wonderful arrangement. I'm happy.

ravenclawxpadma: *shakes her head* Well, Ravenclaws like doing all the work. That way we know whether it's been done well or not. *scrunches her nose, running her hand through her hair* Mmhmm. *grins* Who knew that stashing cookies would bring such rewards. *pokes him in the stomach* Depends on how nice I'm being at the time. *laughs* Yes, it is. 'Sides, it rids me of the temptation of snarfing cookies until I explode...

exchaser flint: *Shrugs* That's why Slytherins let you Ravenclaws do all the work. Then we know it's been done properly as well. *smirks, then grins* You see? It's the little things that can add up to very large bonuses. You give me lots of cookies. Ravenclaw wins the House Cup. I could handle that very, very well. *playfully pats her hand away from his stomach* Now, now, no poking. S'not nice. *snorts* But that's such a nice temptation to give in to. And, hey, this way, I can claim I'm actually eating. It works out.

ravenclawxpadma: *grins* And the Slytherins do the all the dirty work...and the Slytherin-Ravenclaw combination is completely unstoppable. *grins* Ah, so could I. I've got an entire trunk or two full of junk food. Home-made, no less. *laughs, poking him again* Yeah. It's a win-win situation...

exchaser flint: *grins* Exactly. We'll take over the world in no time. Because, really, our opposition consists of Gryffindor and Hufflepuff. The brave and the loyal. *snorts* We'd have them bowing at our feet. *narrowing his eyes at her* Again with the poking. *capturing her wrist and holding it away from his stomach, grinning at her in triumph*

ravenclawxpadma: *grins* Seriously...and they're so easily distracted with shiny objects. *flashes an innocent smile* What? It's harmless. *shakes her head* And this is why we were given two hands. *pokes him a few times with her other hand*

exchaser flint: *grins* Precisely. Through something shiny and metal at them and they're entertained for hours. *raises an eyebrow* Like I believe that? *blinks, grabbing her other wrist* And now I've thwarted your evil plot. I win. *smirks proudly*

ravenclawxpadma: *laughs* Yeah... *shakes her head* It works with teachers... *sighs, rolling her eyes, then starts pouting* Aww...but I didn't mean anything by it. *bites back a grin*

exchaser flint: *raises an eyebrow* I'm not most teachers... *narrows his eyes more, shaking his head, looking away* Pouting doesn't work on me. I'm resistant to your wily pouting.

ravenclawxpadma: *shrugs* It was worth a try... *pouts more* B-but...nobdy can resist my wily pouting... *pouts even more*

exchaser flint: *shakes his head, closing his eyes* Nope. I'm resisting quite well, thankyouverymuch.

ravenclawxpadma: *grins, playfully butting her forehead against his chin* No, you're cheating. *flashes her best pout, saying at the same time* Fine. No more pouting...

exchaser flint: *smirks, eyes still lightly closed* I'm a Slytherin. We all cheat. *raises an eyebrow* Now, how is it I can still hear the pout in your voice if you aren't pouting?

ravenclawxpadma: *pouts and stomps her foot* Come on. This one is really good...s'my best pout.

exchaser flint: *cracks his eyes open, smirking* I'm resistant. See, not affected at all. Though it is a very good pout. *release her wrists to ruffle her hair*

ravenclawxpadma: *pouts, running a hand through her hair* You're not playing nice. *grins, muttering something in Hindi that binds his hands to the wall above his head* Reason abandoned. *starts poking him in the stomach*

exchaser flint: *smirks, raising an eyebrow* Oh, now who's not playing fair? *shifts his weight up, lifting his feet off the ground, wrapping his legs around her waist, but holding her at leg's length so she can't poke him as well* There.

ravenclawxpadma: *smirks* You started it. *blinks, tickling behind his knees, occasionally trying to lunge foward and poke him* You're such a cheater.

exchaser flint: *smirks* Yes, yes, I did. *cocks his head* I'm not ticklish, pet. *grinning as he tries to shift away from her fingers* I'm a Slytherin, love. Of course I cheat. I'm actually known for it.

ravenclawxpadma: *stomps her foot, leaning foward as much as possible, jumping to get more of her waist exposed, planting a light poke on him* And I'm a Ravenclaw...I can work through these things...

exchaser flint: *smirks, shifting his legs, intending to throw her off balance, pulling her closer, but shifting out of the way of her fingers at the same time, smirks* But I'm a Slytherin. I know how to get out of situations like this.

ravenclawxpadma: *blinks, regaining her balance, smirks* And I'm trained in Indian magic... *mutters something else, pinning his ankles to the wall as well, walking up to him, fingers out* Now you're at my mercy, Slytherin.

exchaser flint: *raises his chin defiantly, smirks* Do your worst, Ravenclaw. I can take it.

ravenclawxpadma: *laughs playfully, almost wickedly* I'm sure you can. *starts poking his sides with both fingers, grinning up at him as she does so*

exchaser flint: *chuckles* Oh, yes, I do like you. *smirks wider, leaning his head forward, nearly touching noses with her* I'm not ticklish, love. *grins wickedly* And I read. A lot. *mutters something in Hindi as well, his pronunciation surprisingly good, his wrists and ankles being freed, moving to pin her arms to her side, grinning, still nose to nose with her* Knowledge is power, pet.

ravenclawxpadma: *grins, then blinks, looking up at him, narrowing her eyes, raising a sinister eyebrow* Yeah. So is the ability to castrate someone in seconds flat. *flashes an evil grin* In a foreign language, no less...

exchaser flint: *raises an eyebrow right back, smirking* Do that, love, and I'll take more points. Ravenclaw would never win the Cup. *grins slightly* I knew you had some evil deep down inside.

ravenclawxpadma: *smirks* Oh, it's a fair trade... *grins* Yeah, well...Ravenclaws can be evil. They're just the smart, carefully planned-out kinda evil...

exchaser flint: *smirks* I suppose from your point of view, yes. *grins as well* As opposed to the evil for the sake of evil kind that is the Slytherin hallmark.

ravenclawxpadma: *nods* Pretty much, yeah. *smirks* Or so I've seen...

exchaser flint: *smirks, releasing her arms, tapping her on the nose* No poking. *shrugs* That's the best kind of evil though. Being evil just to....be evil and annoy people.

ravenclawxpadma: *grins, shaking her head, poking him anyway* Like that, right?

exchaser flint: *sticks his tongue out* Evil little girl. *smirks* We're going to be very best friends, I think.

ravenclawxpadma: *sticks her tongue back out at him* 'm not...wait...yes I am. *pokes him again* Yeah...so do I.

exchaser flint: *grins* I knew you'd see my way of thinking. *pokes her in return* There. See how you like it.

ravenclawxpadma: *grins, then doubles back slightly, laughing* No fair. Girls are ticklish...

exchaser flint: *gets a wicked grin* Hmmm. Ticklish, are we? *raises an eyebrow, flexing his fingers slightly with a playful smirk*

ravenclawxpadma: *steps back* Oh, no... *bumps into the wall, then curses in Hindi* I'll pay you back for this...

exchaser flint: *smirks* Probably... *advances on her, reaching out and tickling at her sides* Turnabout's fair play, though.

ravenclawxpadma: *makes a face, then giggles as he tickles her, sliding down against the wall slightly, trying to think of something to counter him with*

exchaser flint: *grins wickedly, tickling a bit harder, intending to get as much in as possible before she hexes him*

ravenclawxpadma: *sinks down to the floor, racking her brain for a hex, knowing what she wants to do, trying to remember the words*

exchaser flint: *sinks down with her, in a crouch, still tickling, raising an eyebrow, smirking slightly*

ravenclawxpadma: *swatting at his hands, attemting to hex him, but botching it with a laugh, arms over her stomach*

exchaser flint: *grins in triumph, removing his hands but remaining in a crouch, one elbow propped on his knee, chin resting in his palm, just grinning at her*

ravenclawxpadma: *takes a few breaths, narrowing her eyes and pouncing on him, headbutting him as she does so*

exchaser flint: *lets out a small yelp as he tumbles backwards to the floor, laughing slightly, one arm around her waist without thinking, raising an eyebrow at her*

ravenclawxpadma: *laughs, butting foreheads with him, grinning triumphantly* You yelped...

exchaser flint: Pfft. You pounced. I was caught off-guard. *butting foreheads right back, laughing*

ravenclawxpadma: *grins* You still did it...

exchaser flint: *grins back* I'll deny it if you ever say anything.

ravenclawxpadma: *gets nose to nose with him* I'm very convincing when I want to be... *grins wider*

exchaser flint: *raises an eyebrow, grinning slightly* I'll bet. You'll still never get the fact that I yelped out of me. *pressing his forehead against hers*

ravenclawxpadma: *grins* Wanna bet? I can also be very...persuasive...

exchaser flint: *cocks his head, smirking* Nope. You're really gonna have to prove it.

ravenclawxpadma: *grins, pressing her forehead closer* I have my ways...

exchaser flint: *pressing his forehead up, grins* I'm still not convinced, love.

ravenclawxpadma: *situates her lips about a centimeter from his* This a good start?

exchaser flint: *chuckles, tightening his arm slightly* It's getting better....

ravenclawxpadma: *brushes her lips against his* Warmer?

exchaser flint: *blinks, smirking slightly* Definitely.

ravenclawxpadma: *smiles, pressing her lips down against his, giving him a light kiss*

exchaser flint: *bringing his hand up to tangle in her hair, as he presses up slightly into the kiss, parting his lips just a little in invitation*

ravenclawxpadma: *deepens the kiss slightly, wrapping her arms around his shoulders, lightly stroking the back of his neck*

exchaser flint: *his other arm slipping up to wrap around her waist, hand splayed against the small of her back, arching his neck into her touch as he darts his tongue out at her lips*

ravenclawxpadma: *shifts a bit closer to him, parting her lips, darting her tongue out to meet his*

exchaser flint: *his hand on her back urging her closer, tangling his fingers a bit tighter as he deepens the kiss more*

ravenclawxpadma: *moans softly, hungrily returning the kiss, shifting even closer, running a hand through his hair*

exchaser flint: *arching his head into her hands, shifting up against her, stroking his hand up her back slightly, moaning softly against her mouth*

ravenclawxpadma: *deepens the kiss, lightly stradling his hips, continuing to stroke her hand through his hair*

exchaser flint: *breaks the kiss with a moan, hand still pressed against her back, moaning softly as he tries to catch his breath, mutters* We should stop... *before moving to kiss her again*

ravenclawxpadma: *moans as well, taking a deep breath, shifting even closer, nods* Y-... *passionately returns the kiss*

exchaser flint: *kisses her hungrily for a moment, then pulls away, muttering* Right. Stopping now... *taking a deep breath and blinking slightly, looking up at her*

ravenclawxpadma: *smiles slightly, breathing deeply, still running her hand through his hair, looking down at him*

exchaser flint: *stroking his fingers through her hair, lightly trailing them down the back of her neck as he does so, cocking his head slightly* Well. That was interesting.

ravenclawxpadma: *smirks* Yeah...just a little... *smiles down at him*

exchaser flint: *half-smiles, half-smirks back, keeping his fingers moving in her hair, muttering, mostly to himself* As if my life wasn't confusing enough.

ravenclawxpadma: *blinks, then shrugs, still playing with his hair as well* Well, I'll respect whatever decision you make...

exchaser flint: *shrugs slightly, tugging gently on a piece of her hair* Well. Mostly, I'm thinking...just go with it. But it's your decision too, you know...

ravenclawxpadma: *smiles* That's what I'd hoped you'd say... *steals a light kiss*

exchaser flint: *smiles slightly, returning the kiss* We can't really tell anyone about this, you know.

ravenclawxpadma: *smirks* I'm smart, remember? I can keep secrets. 'Sides...exactly who would I tell? I never see 'Vati anymore...and I'm antisocial...

exchaser flint: *smirks* Yeah, well, it's not like I'm going to tell Wood or Percy. So, we know have a fun secret to keep. S'all good.

ravenclawxpadma: *smiles, kissing him again* Yeah... *cocks her head, then grins* I'll find ways to get you alone...

exchaser flint: *grins slightly* I'm sure you will. That's fine. I can do the same. *stealing a light kiss, smiling*

ravenclawxpadma: *pouts* I guess I need to go soon...but... *presses her lips to his again*

exchaser flint: *urging her closer, deepening the kiss, lightly cupping the back of her head as he kisses her hungrily*

ravenclawxpadma: *deepens the kiss, darting her tongue into his mouth, moaning softly*

exchaser flint: *moaning against her mouth, before pulling away, stroking her cheek* You should go...Classes tomorrow, love.

ravenclawxpadma: *plants a light kiss on his neck* When can I see you again...like this? *grins, stealing a kiss*

exchaser flint: *smiles, arching his neck* Tomorrow sometime? I can ignore my work. I planned on it anyway. *stealing another kiss*

ravenclawxpadma: *smiles* Mmm...I might be able to hold out that long... *returns the kiss, sitting back, pouts* Make me leave, or I won't...

exchaser flint: *steals a kiss, rising to his feet, lifting her up with him, smirks* I'll see you tomorrow, pet. *kissing her lightly before turning her toward the Ravenclaw Common Room and giving her a little push as he smirks*

ravenclawxpadma: *smiles* Tomorrow, then... *takes a few steps, then turns around, giving him one last kiss, nipping at his lips as she does so, turning back around and walking away*

exchaser flint: *smirks, watching her go before turning and heading back to his rooms*