exchaser flint: *leaning against the wall near his rooms, cigarette dangling from his lips. It's unlit, and he's just finished rounds through the castle that he's obligated to make*

daviesxroger: *walking down the hall after his conversation with Wood, more than a bit annoyed by the fact that it even had to have taken place, walks past* Hey, Flint.

exchaser flint: *looks up, blinking slightly* Davies. *smirks* Goodie. More of Oliver's fan club.

daviesxroger: *snorts* Not in this lifetime. Thank you very much.

exchaser flint: *raises an eyebrow* Oooh, not a happy little groupie?

daviesxroger: *raises his own eyebrow* Uh, I don't think I've ever been a groupie. For anyone. Let alone Oliver Wood.

exchaser flint: *chuckles* That's not what I remember from school. You were always hanging around him. It was almost interesting.

daviesxroger: *shrugs* Well, a horny teenage boy will do almost anything for a guy who gives good head.

exchaser flint: *snorts* Was he really that good, Davies? I mean, to lower yourself to that.

daviesxroger: *pauses thinking for a minute* Well, I suppose not, but the stupidity of youth. *shrugs*

exchaser flint: *smirks* Ah, well, I suppose you'll recover from the lowering of your standards.

daviesxroger: Oh. Well that just makes my week. *in a flat tone* I'm utterly estatic.

exchaser flint: *raises an eyebrow* As well you should be. My opinion is, of course, the most important thing in the world.

daviesxroger: Oh, yes. I'm sure you see it that way. *smiles slightly* How've you been, Flint?

exchaser flint: Of course. *shrugs sligthly* Confused. Rough week. And you, Davies?

daviesxroger: I was doing okay before I had the biggest annoyance I've face in weeks. *shakes his head* Coach Wood called me into his office to lecture me.

exchaser flint: *snorts* Oh that must have been an experience. And what exactly did our esteemed coach want?

daviesxroger: From what I could tell, to walk down Memory Lane and to tell me that I'm the biggest dickhead he's ever met. *shrugs* Not the best hour I've spent in my life.

exchaser flint: *pouts* Oooh, and here I thought I was the biggest "dickhead" he's ever met. Now I'm all hurt. I feel like marching down there and giving him a piece of my mind. Except I'd probably end up punching him. *smirks* Think, it's an hour of your life you're never getting back.

daviesxroger: *grins, thinking that he likes it when Flint pouts* Well, he said that he thought you were, but I won the title. *sighs* I know. It's depressing.

exchaser flint: *smirks, leaning back against the wall* I suppose I'm just going to have to be worse to make up for it. *chuckles* Why did Oliver feel the need to take a stroll down memory lane?

daviesxroger: *shrugs* Because I insulted him in a public forum and he felt the need to repay?

exchaser flint: *smirks* Oliver can't handle being insulted. The last time he was, he got drunk and tried to molest me. I was drunk enough to go along with it for a bit.

daviesxroger: I'm so sorry. It's such a trying experience, I know. *grins* If you need a shoulder to cry on, I'll be glad to help out.

exchaser flint: Oh, it was. Pity Oliver didn't see fit to tell me he was in a relationship. Otherwise, I wouldn't have touched him. *raises an eyebrow, grinning slightly* I'm not really the crying kind, Davies.

daviesxroger: He's in a relationship? Who's the unlucky bastard? *shrugs* That's a pity, Flint. My shoulder is a good place to cry.

exchaser flint: *shrugs* Percy. And that information stays between the two of us. He doesn't deserve to be treated the way Wood's treating him. If he snogged me there's no telling what he's done with people he likes. *smirks* Aww, Davies, do you want me to...lean on you?

daviesxroger: *shakes his head* Poor Weasley. I hope he knows what he's getting into. *laughs* Just offering, Flint. Your loss if you pass.

exchaser flint: *shrugs, muttering* Probably not. But it's none of my concern. Or it shouldn't be. *smirks, stepping closer to Davies, raising an eyebrow* Oh, my loss, hmmm? There's a part of me that wants you to prove that.

daviesxroger: *grins widely, stepping closer to Flint* And the rest of you? What does it want?

exchaser flint: *getting nose to nose with him, tugging the cigarette out of his own mouth, whispering* World peace.

daviesxroger: *smiles slightly* Well, I can't satisfy that part of you...

exchaser flint: *smiles slightly in return* Pity that. And the other part? *tapping his tongue against his teeth as he smirks* Going to prove it?

daviesxroger: I'd love to. *leaning in the last inch, he brushed a quick kiss across Flint's lips then he leaned in for a deeper kiss*

exchaser flint: *blinks, leaning against his lips, bringing a hand up to tangle in his hair, deepening the kiss, flicking his tongue out at his lips*

daviesxroger: *opening his mouth beneath Flint's, he wrapped an arm around Flint's waist, pressing closer to him, his tongue flitting out to run along Flint's*

exchaser flint: *slipping his hand down to Davies's waist, tugging him closer, using his tongue to urge Davies's into his mouth, leaning back against the wall and pulling Davies with him*

daviesxroger: *pressing against him, he slipped his tongue into Flint's mouth, flicking his tongue against Flint's, running his hand down Flint's back and tangling his other hand in Flint's hair*

exchaser flint: *pressing against him just as much, tugging his hips closer, tightening his fingers in Davies's hair, rolling his tongue against Davies's, slipping one leg between Davies's*

daviesxroger: *pressing against Flint's leg, pulls back from the kiss whisperig against his lips* Are we going to finish this somewhere more private or shall I head home alone, before I get too worked up?

exchaser flint: *flicking his tongue out at Davies's lips, pressing his lieg up slightly* That depends. Are you currently in a relationship? *smirks, flicking his eyes over to the door near them* If not, my rooms.

daviesxroger: *grins* Actually I'm in a very commited relationship with a blonde named Rex. But he steals the covers and slobbers a lot, and he's four years old. *pressing against his leg again*

exchaser flint: *raising an eyebrow, tugging Davies's head to the side roughly with his fingers, smirking* Robbing the cradle, Roger, darling? And here I thought you Ravenclaws were better than that. *rocking his thigh up against Davies's crotch* Then let's go...

daviesxroger: *grins* Well, what can I say? He's the love of my life. I like them young. If you're nice I'll let you meet him. *moving against Flint's leg* Oh, yes. Let's go, Marcus, darling. *winks* As long as you promise that I won't get a bad reputation from this?

exchaser flint: *smiles* Oh, I'll be looking forward to it. *slipping out from Roger's arms, glancing over his shoulder as he walks to the door, smirks* It won't be as bad as the one you got for fucking Oliver, Roger, darling. *opening the door and ushering Roger inside*