Coach Oliver W: *steps into the Three Broomsticks, dressed casual. takes a seat at a corner booth*

exchaser flint: *glances up as he walks in, raising an eyebrow, stepping out from behind the bar, walking over to lean on the wall next to the booth* Want anything to drink?

Coach Oliver W: Beer. And one for you. You off shift?

exchaser flint: *nods* In about five minutes. *shrugs* They won't miss me. *walks back to the bar, grabbing two beer, walking back to the booth and sitting down opposite Oliver, passing him the drink*

Coach Oliver W: *sips* How you been?

exchaser flint: *shrugs* No complaints. Bored out of my mind mostly. *takes a sip of his own drink* You?

Coach Oliver W: *thinks* Busy. Who knew Coaches had to work so much?

exchaser flint: *raises an eyebrow* You're basically training four teams. *shrugs* It's only going to get worse as the season gets closer to starting.

Coach Oliver W: *wry smile* I know. And it just got more hectic. The Ministry has handed me a new assignment for the School.

exchaser flint: *smiles slightly, shaking his head* So I heard. International quidditch, or something. I just heard the name, nothign specific. What exactly are you going to have to do?

Coach Oliver W: Create a single team from all four houses.

exchaser flint: *snorts* I'm terribly sorry. The Ministry apparently has more faith in the houses' abilities to work together.

Coach Oliver W: Well...I won't be able to do it alone. Yes, I'm admitting I can't do everything. Dumbledore has given me permission to hire an assistant coach.

exchaser flint: Oh, dear me, Oliver Wood admitting he can't do everything. This certainly has been an interesting day. *smirks, raises an eyebrow, sitting back, starting to get an idea of what Oliver wants* .....And?

Coach Oliver W: This is the part I think will amuse you. I want you.

exchaser flint: *smirks widely* Oh, I'm sorry, Oliver, but you're not my type. Though perhaps if you ask nicely.... *shakes his head, still smirking* And weren't we talking about quidditch? *raises an eyebrow* You actually think we're capable of working together?

Coach Oliver W: *laughs* I can always count on you to be the straight man. *winks* Marcus, first of all, if I'm going to get a bunch of students from different houses together, I have to show I can do the same. Second, I need a really good Chaser for practices. And're the only person who wants to win as much as I do.

exchaser flint: *chuckles* And I can always count on you to be my witless foil. *smirks* And straight? Probably not the best choice of words. *sits back, considering for a moment* Assuming I do this, what exactly am I going to have to do? And what exactly are the perks going to be?

Coach Oliver W: The perks are obviously annoying me. *smiles* You'll have chambers at the school, share my office. I'll handle the classes, but you'll be more in charge of the inter-house team. We'll both run the practices...and somehow we'll have to not argue and yet maintain the pretense of hating each other.

exchaser flint: Oh, goodie. I get to annoy you at all hours. That would definitely be incentive enough. *smiles slightly, so the inter-house team is mine to train? I think I could handle that. *smirks* We'll have to try extra hard, won't we? Sharing an office, we'll probably be ready to kill each other within minutes.

Coach Oliver W: *shakes his head* You don't actually annoyme anymore, Marcus. I hate to say it, but you've gone soft.

exchaser flint: Soft? Oh, Oliver, darling, you really do know nothing about me.

Coach Oliver W: Mmmm...I know a bit. You were a hard-assed bastard who didn't give a crap about anyone. I know you went to Cedric's funeral, though you were hidden. I know you've gone out of your way to get to know Percy and me.

exchaser flint: To your first point, yes, I was a hard-assed bastard, but I gave a shit about the people who mattered. You weren't on that list. Secondly, I was hidden for a reason. Cedric's family didn't exactly like him being friends with a Flint. As for the third.... *shrugs* ....I'm inclined to do odd things when I'm bored.

Coach Oliver W: *laughs* Okay, Marcus, have it your way. So, what do you think? Want to torment some students?

exchaser flint: *smirks* I like getting my way. *thinks for a moment, then finally nods* All right. I'll do it. But only becuase I get to annoy you and the students at the same time.

Coach Oliver W: *wryly* I knew you'd be pleased. I spoke with Pucey. You get to help pick the team. There's going to be a minimum 2 alternates for each position. But I'll get a vote and Roger, if he can be there.

exchaser flint: *nods* Good. I'll attempt to be fair. *shrugs* But then everyone I trained on Slytherin, with the exception of Malfoy, is gone, so I don't really have cause to be biased.

Coach Oliver W: *dark look* Malfoy...yes, he's always a problem of one sort or another.

exchaser flint: *raises an eyebrow at his look* Issues?

Coach Oliver W: *shakes his head* No, he's just way too cocky for my liking. *smirk* A habit he got from you?

exchaser flint: *smirks* We're Slytherins, Oliver. We're only cocky because we really are better than everyone else. *shrugs* Only a little.

Coach Oliver W: *drinks* Okay, Marcus, if we're going to work together, there's something you should know.

exchaser flint: *raises an eyebrow again* Oh? Do tell.

Coach Oliver W: *finishes his beer.* Can I get myself another?

exchaser flint: *shrugs, shaking his head* Sure. *finishes his own* I'll get it. *rising to his feet and heading to the bar and grabbing two for each of them and returning to the table*

Coach Oliver W: Thanks. *sips* You are on the thin side. But then, you look better without the gut. *sweet smile*

exchaser flint: *snorts* Oh, thanks ever so. I'm so very happy that you like the way I look. I've practically lived for that knowledge. *smirks* I'll have to mark this day in my calendar. "Oliver Wood thinks I look better thin."

Coach Oliver W: Oh, if there weren't people about, I'd beg you to take me right here on this table. *sips, smirks*

exchaser flint: *takes a drink, smirking lazily* Oh, pity that there's a crowd. I'd simply love to take you.

Coach Oliver W: *gives you a suspicious look* You've said that before, in less happy circumstances.

exchaser flint: *blinks, raising his chin slightly* Yeah. I did. What of it? *narrows his eyes, laughing slightly* You actually believed that?

Coach Oliver W: *blushes* You sounded pretty serious.

exchaser flint: *rolling his eyes slightly, taking note of the blush* I say a lot of things, especially when I'm pissed off.

Coach Oliver W: *nods* I noticed that, over the years. *takes a deep breath.* Okay, confession time. *sips* You aren't the only one with a souvenier from the professional days.

exchaser flint: *shrugs* Most of my threats then were empty. I had no urge to get expelled for killing you. I didn't hate you that much. *takes a drink, glancing at Oliver* Oh? And what's your story?

Coach Oliver W: Not as bad as yours, certainly. I took a bludger to the shoulder first year with Puddlemere. Dislocated my shoulder and tore just about everything in that area. That wasn't so bad, but then I took a second bludger to the same place in my second year. It's okay, mostly, but sometimes the strain causes it to act up. That's another reason why I want a top-class Chaser. I can help on defense, but I really need you to train them on offense.

exchaser flint: *cocks his head, studying him quietly for a moment* Yeah, well, bludgers are nasty things. *glances down, taking a drink, then nods* I'm good at offense. It's my one strength in the game. They'll learn to play rough. *smirks* Think you can deal with that?

Coach Oliver W: Rough play, but no rule breaking. I want to win, not be sent home disqualified.

exchaser flint: *pulls a pout* Ruin all my fun. *smirks* I never broke the rules. Just bent them beyond recognition.

Coach Oliver W: *laughs, raises his mug* To the worst match ever conceived, Marcus and Oliver. May we not kill each other.

exchaser flint: *raises his own, cocking his head with a slight smile* I'll drink to that. And may our team win. *smirks* At any cost.

Coach Oliver W: *laughs" At any cost.

exchaser flint: *smirks, drinking* I knew you'd come around to my way of thinking.

Coach Oliver W: Well, you have such a convincing argument.

exchaser flint: Of course, I do. I can be very convincing when I set my mind to it. *smirking slightly*

Coach Oliver W: *shakes his head* You're irrepressable.

exchaser flint: *snorts* Yes. Yes, I am. I'd apologize, but I'm feeling petulant, so no.

Coach Oliver W: You're charming, in a bastardly sort of way

exchaser flint: *tapping his tongue against his teeth as he grins* Oh, you almost sounded like you like me.

Coach Oliver W: I do. *smirk fades* You're not as bad as you make out, Marcus. But you keep saying I don't know you. So, tell me, what is it I don't know?

exchaser flint: *leaning on the table, cocking his head* I'm not a natural blond, my favorite color is blue, and I look good in leather. *raises an eyebrow* It's not a question of what you don't know, it's what do you want to know. Ask a question. Perhaps I'll share.

Coach Oliver W: *sips* Why did you really want to talk to Perce...y?

exchaser flint: *catches the slip, smirks slightly, then shrugs as he takes a drink* Because I was bored. And he's interesting. We have more in common than you think. *smirking wider, mostly just saying this to get under Oliver's skin* And he's very attractive.

Coach Oliver W: *accustomed to the goads.* Yes, he is. But I didn't think you went in for bookworms. *drinks* What do you have in common, in your view?

exchaser flint: *shrugs, pouting slightly over not getting a reaction* I like all kinds, really. If I find someone interesting... *shrugs again, taking a drink* A lot of things, really. Defense mechanisms, a habit of shutting out the world....

Coach Oliver W: I can see that. *no sarcasm in his tone* Obsessiveness, too, but and I share that.

exchaser flint: *inclinces his head, nodding slightly* Hmmm. Yes, I suppose we all have that in common. Though I prefer the term "very focused". *smirks slightly, taking a drink*

Coach Oliver W: It's not a bad trait to have. *sips* Okay, what was this friendship you had with Cedric?

exchaser flint: *raises an eyebrow, sitting back, staring silently at his drink, finally glancing up* Cedric and fifth year, Cedric's second when he made his team, he approached me. He wanted to learn how to defend himself while playing. *shrugs* Eventually he annoyed me enough until I just started being nice to him. His fifth year and my seventh again, we were sort of seeing each other for about a month until we both decided we were better off friends. *takes another drink, finishing off his beer, that confession actually extremely painful for Marcus to mention*

Coach Oliver W: *stares, not entirely sure Marcus isn't pulling his leg or not.* Thanks for answering. You're right, I had no idea.

exchaser flint: *stares back at him, shrugging* You're welcome. I told you I'd answer whatever you asked. *raising an eyebrow* I was telling the truth.

Coach Oliver W: I believe you. Okay, so, if you don't run with the unsavory crowd, who do you hang with?

exchaser flint: *smirks* Oh, you know, the Dark Lord and his followers. We have a grand old time. *shrugs, fiddling with his mug* No one really. I shut everyone out after the accident, and I've been moving ever since. Doesn't really make it conductive for long-term relationships.

Coach Oliver W: I never pegged you for a follower of anyone, Marcus. *drains his mug* Well, you've got two friends now, if you want them.

exchaser flint: Sarcasm, Oliver. I don't follow anyone. I see no point in following blindly. *just looks at him for a moment* Well. *narrows his eyes as he sits back* Thanks. I think.

Coach Oliver W: You are a prickly SOB, I'll give you that. But I think I like you...mostly.

exchaser flint: *snorts* 'Prickly'? I don't think I've ever quite been described as.....prickly. *cocks his head, smirking* Awww. Only mostly? I'm so very hurt. Here I was going for absolute adoration.

Coach Oliver W: You'll have to wear me down more to get adoration.

exchaser flint: *smirks* And like I told Percy, I do so love a challenge. Now, how exactly to get adoration out of you?

Coach Oliver W: Oh, now, that would be telling.

exchaser flint: Wouldn't it though? *cocks his head, chuckling slightly* I could just simply keep giving you alcohol until you're too drunk to argue.

Coach Oliver W: *puts his money down and stands* Much as I'd love to drink you under the table, I have to get back.

exchaser flint: *smirks, waving the money away* It's on the house. And you wouldn't drink me under the table. You'd try. And fail. *rises to his feet as well*

Coach Oliver W: I said I'd buy. *passes money over* You can buy next time.

exchaser flint: *rolls his eyes, though he takes the money* Stubborn arse.

Coach Oliver W: You know it, luv.

exchaser flint: *snorts* Keep talking like that, and I'll find myself absolutely unable to resist you.

Coach Oliver W: *shakes his head, clearly not taking the banter seriously* I don't think I could handle a ruffian like you, Flint. I'm such a delicate flower and all.

exchaser flint: *smirks* Oh, you don't have to worry, Oliver, love. I like a little bite in my men, and I'd be horribly afraid that I'd end up breaking you.

Coach Oliver W: You like men who bite? King bastard. *snickers* And I'm sure you would, you big awful Slytherin thug.

exchaser flint: Hmm. Have you ever tried marking someone, Oliver? It's really quite the pleasant experience, making a claim.... *snorts* Oh, I'd hate to offend your delicate Gryffindor sensibilities. You lot being so fragile and all.

Coach Oliver W: *shakes his head* Some day, Marcus, someone is going to call your bluff.

exchaser flint: *shrugs* Perhaps. You'll find, though, that I don't bluff anymore, Oliver. I play for keeps. High stakes and everything.

Coach Oliver W: *gives you an odd look* Okay. *heads for the door* I'll get things arranged over the weekend and you can report on Monday, sound good?

exchaser flint: *snorts* And what was that look for? *nods* Sounds good. It'll give me time to get things settled here.

Coach Oliver W: Because I never quite know about you. *smiles warmly* I'll send you an owl over the weekend.

exchaser flint: Hmm. I'm mysterious. You never quite know when I'm just playing. *smiles back, heading toward the bar* I'll be looking forward to it.