Coach Oliver W: *enters the Three Broomsticks, heads for the same table as he had the evening prior* Evening, Marcus. I'm here to deplete your liquor stores.

exchaser flint: *smirks* Like I care? I'm only going to be working here for a few more hours anyway. *raises his eyebrows* Want to start off slow or do you want the hard stuff?

Coach Oliver W: *thinks* Something strong, I'm thinking. And one for you, if you care to have a drink with me.

exchaser flint: *inclines his head* Be right back then. *walks back to the bar, pulling out two bottles of the pub's finest Firewhiskey along with two glasses, walks back, sitting down across from him and pouring a drink for the both of them, passing one of the glasses to Oliver*

Coach Oliver W: *shoots it back in one gulp* Sorry for snapping today. I...guess maybe I can't take it as well as I can dish it out.

exchaser flint: *raising his eyebrows, then snorts* Yeah, well, I was in a mood too. Sorry for pushing. I don't know when to shut up half the time. *downing his in one gulp as well, if only to keep up with Oliver*

Coach Oliver W: *pours them both another* You have an amazing talent for getting under my skin. *gulps, chews his lower lip* Good stuff.

exchaser flint: *lips curling up into a smirk* Yeah, well, it's always been one of my few talents. *taking a drink of his, but not finishing it off, chuckles* I quit today. Might as well steal the good stuff. *finishes his off*

Coach Oliver W: *smiles, pours them more* The simple fact is, Marcus, that I don't know which of us has changed - maybe we both have - but while I still can't stand this attitude of yours...I'm finding, strangely, that I enjoy your company. You have a perverse sort of stark honesty to you.

exchaser flint: Well. I'm doubting I've changed overly much. *smirks* Apparently I'm still a very dangerous man. *shrugs* The attitude is mostly just habit. The rest.... *waves his hand slightly* ...I've never seen the reason to really lie about anything. At least when it's important. The truth can be oh-so-much more fun. *blinks* And I'm finding that you're company isn't as.....unpleasant as I thought it would be.

Coach Oliver W: *laughs, drinks, cheeks flushed now* I'm glad I'm not as unpleasant as you feared. You want to know something funny?

exchaser flint: *downs his drink, raising an eyebrow, his own cheeks starting to flush as well* And what's that? Amuse me, Oliver.

Coach Oliver W: *tosses back his drink, feeling challenged* Before fifth year...before you started...threatening things...I sort of looked up to you. *laughs* I thought you were, like, this amazing Quidditch player and I wanted so much to impress you. Somehow, in my head, I thought beating you would impress you.

exchaser flint: *laughs slightly, filling his drink again and downing it quickly* Interesting fact: beating me only pisses me off. *shrugs* You were good. You'd already impressed me. I just wasn't about to actually compliment a Gryffindor. My team probably would have killed me for even suggesting it.

Coach Oliver W: *snickers, draining his cup, eyes glazing a bit* Well, I suppose I didn't tell you straight out for much the same reason. And, yeah, I kind of realized the error of my thinking. *winks* but, by then, I realized beating Slytherin made me very popular.

exchaser flint: *draining his own glass again, smirks* Well, now that you know, see that you don't do it again. I might get testy. *snorts* With the rest of Gryffindor, that's really it. We still beat everyone else. Slytherin was good, Oliver. You can't deny that, cheating or no. *draining his glass again, sitting back in his chair, eyes glazing slightly*

Coach Oliver W: Your offense was frightening, no doubt. But you had a weakness you may not have known about. Your Keeper, what-his-name- he desperately wanted into Katie's pants. Pretty much just gawked and let her score...hoping he'd score later. *drinks, smiling beatifically*

exchaser flint: *smiles back widely* Oh, no, I knew. Why the hell do you think I had Bole and Derrick target her and attempt to force her out of the game as soon as possible? *drinks, smirking* And if I remember correctly, she did let him score.

Coach Oliver W: Did she? The little slut. *chortles* Well, he earned it. *drinks, reaching a little shakily for the bottle* Stuff hits fast. *pours, missing a bit* Slytherin was a kickass team on offense. Of course, Slytherin's are good at being offensive... *stops, smiles sheepishly* Not what I meant, actually. I mean, they're typic'ly more aggressive. I'm just impressed you got them to work as a team. You had a pack of gloryhounds. *drinks*

exchaser flint: Yeah, it hits fast. S'why it's the good stuff. *drinking, his eyes a bit glazed and his cheeks flushed, otherwise showing no physical signs of just how much the alcohol is affecting him* They were afraid of me, Oliver. Very.afraid. S'the best way to make a team work. Show dominance and show it early. They learn not to question.

Coach Oliver W: *toys with his glass* My team listened to me because they liked me...I think. Is intimidation really the best way, Marcus?

exchaser flint: *cocks his head* Sometimes, yeah. It's amazing what intimidation can accomplish. *shrugs* I didn't really care if they liked me. So long as they respected me. And they did.

Coach Oliver W: I guess we had very different experiences at school. Were you ever just, I don't know, happy?

exchaser flint: *blinks* Yeah. I was usually very happy. Granted, not so much once you started winning, but sometimes. Yeah.

Coach Oliver W: *pours them each another shot* Seems like an unhappy life, not trusting anyone, having to bully people... Not saying it's wrong...just...I just don't get it.

exchaser flint: *downs his shot* I trusted people. Cedric. Myself. Everyone one else.....well, generally, I think the world's out to fuck me over, so, yeah, I don't trust easily. The bullying....well, people generally left me alone. I liked being alone. I could read better without the noise.

Coach Oliver W: *drains his glass* I'm trying to picture you sitting quietly, reading to yourself, and the image isn't coming. You really aren't the person you present to the world.

exchaser flint: Of course not. *pouring them both another shot* If I showed who I really was to the world, people might actually like me and want to be around me and that would defeat the purpose. *shrugs, downing his shot in one gulp, sitting back, very relaxed and very nearly drunk*

Coach Oliver W: *Oliver traces the rim of his glass with a finger* And yet you do not seem terribly unhappy to have Percy and I treading upon your solitude. And Cedric...though your words were laced with sarcasm, it is obvious you enjoyed his company. And now Padma has convinced you to take her under your wing. I wonder how much you really like being alone. *drinks, clearly happily inebriated*

exchaser flint: *chuckles* Of course I enjoyed Cedric's company. I wouldn't have snogged him if I didn't enjoy his company. *shrugs, drink another shot, then looking down at his glass, shrugging again as he looks up* Maybe I have changed. Maybe I'm not so much willing to be alone anymore. *downs another shot, smiles slightly* Maybe I've discovered my inner people person. *quite drunk now, and obviously enjoying it*

Coach Oliver W: *empties bottle into both glasses* It's good to not be alone. Nothing wrong with enjoying the company of others. *drinks and sits back, smiling foolishly* If for no other reason than that sex is better with two people.

exchaser flint: *grins back* Oh, yeah, it really is. Then there's not usually much talking during sex, so I'm not usually annoyed by my partner thankfully. Or at the very least, mouths are busy elsewhere.

Coach Oliver W: That is true. If there's time for chatter, you're not doing it my opinion. It's almost sort of rude, really. I mean, if I'm blowing a guy and he's jabbering at me, I start to wonder if he's paying attention.

exchaser flint: Exactly. There shouldn't be time for coherent thought if it's good enough. It is rude. I mean, really, if I'm trying my hardest to please someone, they could at least attempt to feign interest. Which actually has never been a problem. *smirks*

Coach Oliver W: Oh, I'm so sure *smirks*

exchaser flint: *taps his tongue against his teeth as he smirks wider* I haven't. *fiddling with his glass, chuckling* Never had a complaint.

Coach Oliver W: *resting his chin in his palm* Back before you got all "I could rape you if I wanted to" I swear I would have been on my knees in a heartbeat for you. *smirks* Oh, was that oversharing?

exchaser flint: *smirks* Oh, pity I let my mouth run away with me. I do that sometimes. Sometimes it's not such a bad thing. *raises an eyebrow* Oh, no, oversharing is a term only applied to unpleasant things.

Coach Oliver W: Yeah, pity for you. Your mouth kept mine from rocking your world. *chews his lower lip* I'll need a list, then, of the pleasant and unpleasant things. I'm rather thick, as you've pointed out.

exchaser flint: Perhaps I'll have to make it up to you then. *chuckling* All right. Pleasant things.... *raises a finger* Possibly you. Maybe Percy. And that's it. Unpleasant things....everyone else.

Coach Oliver W: *arches an eyebrow* Percy? You aren't attracted to my favorite bookworm, are you?

exchaser flint: *shrugs* A little. Confidence is attractive, Oliver. And he has plenty of that. *snorts* Don't worry. I'll play nicely and keep my hands to myself.

Coach Oliver W: *laughs* Marcus, if you can bed him, I'll be supremely impressed.

exchaser flint: *smirks* Never challenge me, Oliver, darling. I told you I don't bluff.

Coach Oliver W: *eyes you for a long moment* Wait, back up a step, how did I get included in the 'pleasant' list?

exchaser flint: *pauses* Huh. How did you get there? *shrugs* I'm drunk and inclined to do and say wild and crazy things. I wouldn't let it go to your head.

Coach Oliver W: Oh, but it already has, 'luv.' It's doing a backstroke in all the alcohol. My heart's all aflutter now, and I'm just filled with curiousity about if your mouth has talents beyond sarcastic wit.

exchaser flint: *raises an eyebrow, smirking slightly* Oh, now, I'm sure you'd love to find out. I really am. *leans forward crossing his arms on the table, cocking his head at Oliver* And my mouth? Very talented.

Coach Oliver W: *leans forward in similar fashion, smirking* I know men like you. They're all talk.

exchaser flint: *lips quirking slightly, meeting Oliver's eyes, chuckling* I can back up everything I say.

Coach Oliver W: *arches an eyebrow* Maybe I don't believe you, 'luv'. *leans forward even more, an inch from your face*

exchaser flint: *chuckles again, smirking* Do you need convincing, darling? *leans forward slightly, but not enough to cover the distance between them*

Coach Oliver W: *Oliver starts to balk, but then his pride pushes him forward the last half-inch. Plants his lips on yours almost daringly*

exchaser flint: *blinks slightly, having not expected that, not really, but leans forward slightly, parting his lips just a little in invitation*

Coach Oliver W: *curiously...and challengingly, Oliver kisses Marcus, pushing his tongue forward and devouring his mouth*

exchaser flint: *Marcus returns the kiss, bringing one hand up to cup Oliver's neck, meeting Oliver's tongue with his own, returning the kiss with equal hunger and challenge, his pride not allowing him to back down at all*

Coach Oliver W: *Oliver melts to the kiss, running hands over Marcus hair and continuing ardently.*

exchaser flint: *Marcus slips his fingers up to tangle lightly in Oliver's hair, continuing the kiss as well, leaning more into it, using his other hand to steady himself against the table*

Coach Oliver W: *Oliver arches forward as well, lips moving and tongue wrestling with yours. His eyes are half-closed in bliss*

exchaser flint: *Marcus darts his tongue into Oliver's mouth, giving as good as he gets, eyes finally flickering shut as he deepens the kiss just slightly*

Coach Oliver W: *Oliver is totally in the moment, lost in the happy back and forth of the kiss. He even makes a happy noise in the backof his throat. Suddenly, as if waking, he pulls back, eyes wide.* Um... *stands, wild-eyed.* I need to...should...go. Gotta... *staggers towards door*

exchaser flint: *blinks at the sudden departure of Oliver's mouth, sitting back, fingers trailing over his own lips* Right. You should......go. *eyes narrowed in a hell of a lot of confusion*

Coach Oliver W: *Oliver looks back, and there is both fear and obvious desire on his face*

exchaser flint: *rises to his feet and takes a few steps toward Oliver, then stops, just looking at him, desire obvious on his face, underneath all the confusion* Yeah.....soon....maybe.... *blinking slightly, half wanting to drag Oliver back to him*

Coach Oliver W: *chews on his lower lip* Marcus... *half-raises a hand to him.* I... *stares at you, in a struggle with himself*

exchaser flint: *takes another step forward, eyes never leaving Oliver, swallows slightly* Oliver.... *crosses his arms over his chest, shaking his head as he steps toward the door again, also obviously having to argue with himself about this* This......fuck. *finally reaches Oliver, reaching a hand out to touch his arm, still blinking slightly*

Coach Oliver W: *quietly* If you kiss me again I won't be able to walk out that door.

exchaser flint: *just as softly* If I kiss you again, I'm probably not going to be able to stop. *looking at him for a moment, softly* Do you want me to kiss you again?

Coach Oliver W: *shivers. In his mind he hears himself say, "No, Marcus, I have to go" but he hears his voice say:* Yes...please...

exchaser flint: *sighs slightly, stepping forward, pressing his lips lightly against Oliver's again, hand moving back up to run through his hair*

Coach Oliver W: *shivers, letting this happen, knowing he shouldn't. Wraps his arms around Marcus and kisses him deeply, with a something close to longing*

exchaser flint: *wraps his other arm around Oliver's waist, hand splayed against the small of his back, actually finding that he wants him closer, a part of himself reminding him that this is probably wrong, but he just deepens the kiss*

Coach Oliver W: *presses against Marcus and breathes long and deep, the war continueing deep in his head. His mouth on Marcus' does not falter, though, and even increases in hunger*

exchaser flint: *pressing against him as well, tightening his fingers in Oliver's hair slightly, cupping the back of his head as he returns the kiss, matching hunger for hunger, trying to shut out any other thoughts and focusing solely on the kiss*

Coach Oliver W: *Oliver's splayed hands slid down Marcus' back and grips his arse, pulling him tight against him even as he urges his new friend into more intense kisses*

exchaser flint: *Marcus makes a small moan deep in his throat, tightening his own arm around Oliver, thumb lightly caressing the skin behind Oliver's ear as he deepens the kiss, darting his tongue back into Oliver's mouth*

Coach Oliver W: *kisses Marcus' neck, grazing the skin with his teeth and then nipping at his ear. Hands continue cupping his arse, squeezing slightly*

exchaser flint: *growls softly at the feeling of Oliver's teeth, pressing against him, slipping his own hands down to Oliver's arse, tugging him as close as possible, turning his head slightly, kissing along Oliver's jaw, nipping lightly at the skin*

Coach Oliver W: *Oliver's breath is harsh in your ear, moaning softly. He takes one of your hands and softly kisses the fingertips.* Fuck can have whatever you want of me tonight.

exchaser flint: *breathing heavily, eyes flickering shut for an instant. He swallows slightly, reaching his other hand up to touch Oliver's cheek, mutters* There's a part of me that wants you sober for this.... *leaning forward, trailing his lips lightly over the pulse in Oliver's neck*

Coach Oliver W: *blushes* Maybe I should go, then?

exchaser flint: *His lips still against the pulse in Oliver's neck, nips gently, not quite hard enough to leave a mark, then pulls back a little* The choice is yours.... *He smiles slightly* I think, though, that I'd like to remember this, and the state I'm in now...that's not likely.

Coach Oliver W: *kisses you* And if the spell evaporates when we're sober?

exchaser flint: *returns the kiss, shrugging slightly* Do you think it will?

Coach Oliver W: I don't know. *grins* I'd not been considering having sex with you before the Firewater, though.

exchaser flint: *rolls his eyes, grinning slightly* Like it'd crossed mine? *sighs slightly* But it has now....

Coach Oliver W: *understanding look* Yeah... *kisses you deeply once more* So, now what?

exchaser flint: *returning the kiss, slipping his arms back around Oliver's waist, shrugs again* Well...we could go our separate ways. Assuming you're sober enough to make it back to the castle. Or....well, I'm not sure really. This...entire thing has me confused.

Coach Oliver W: Or would you be more comfortable tying me up under the bleachers. *arch look*

exchaser flint: And now you're getting snippy. I like it. *raises an eyebrow* I told you that threat was empty. And besides, under the stands is damn uncomfortable.

Coach Oliver W: *smiles, boldly gropes you* Kinky, though. Okay, I'll stagger home.

exchaser flint: *smirks* Perhaps we'll try it. Assuming....yeah. Just assuming. *raises an eyebrow* Can you make it? I've got room here if you need it.

Coach Oliver W: *quietly* If I stay here, I'm staying with you. *smiles anew* I'm good at finding my way home.

exchaser flint: *blinks, smirking just a little, softly* I wasn't suggesting you sleep on the floor. We could share a bed. Assuming you don't kiss me like that again, and I should be able to behave myself. *shrugs* But...your choice....

Coach Oliver W: You probably snore. *chews his lower lip* I' you at the school?

exchaser flint: *smirks* I wouldn't know. No one's ever said before. *nods* Yeah. You will. I, um....I'll be there.

Coach Oliver W: *kisses you once more and slips out the door*