exchaser flint: *Marcus is sitting in the chair behind the desk in the office he shares with Wood. His feet are propped up on the edge of the desk and he's idily flipping through a book he borrowed from the library. Mostly just waiting.*

Coach Oliver W: *Walks in, looking haggard, eyes are bloodshot and skin is pale. Closes door and leans back against it.* Evening.

exchaser flint: *looks up, snapping the book closed* Evening. *raising an eyebrow just slightly as he sits forward in the chair, dropping his feet* I think saying you look like hell would be an understatement.

Coach Oliver W: *shrugs* Thanks for the compliment. *Posture is stiff, defensive - much like he first was around Marcus* About that night. You should know. I was drunk. My inhibitions were down. That's all it was.

exchaser flint: *narrows his eyes slightly* It wasn't a compliment. Merely an observation. *rises from the chair, walking around the desk and leaning on the front of it. His posture is relaxed, calm, very much the "old," smug, confident Marcus, crossing his arms over his chest* I'm not exactly here to ask for a repeat performance.

Coach Oliver W: To be blunt, I don't give a shit if you are or not, Flint. I just needed you to know that it was only the drink making me act that way. *cold look* I don't know that there's anything else to discuss.

exchaser flint: *cocks his head, stepping forward* But there is, Oliver, darling. *walking forward until he's almost nose to nose with Oliver, his eyes have grown cold and his voice with it* Tell me. Did you have fun using me to cheat on Percy?

Coach Oliver W: *shoves you away* Fuck you, Flint. *turns to go*

exchaser flint: *grabs his arm, spinning him around and pinning Oliver to the door* There's one thing I hate more than being treated like I'm an idiot. It's being used, Wood. *lashes out, hitting him with a right cross* See that you don't do it again. *cocking his head slightly, sighing as he pulls his wand out of his belt*

Coach Oliver W: *staggers* I wasn't using you. I was drunk. *turns to go*

exchaser flint: Stop. Oliver. *sighing* Let me heal the bruise before it show up. Unless you want to wear it.

Coach Oliver W: *pauses, bows head.* It's fine. You've got a weak right hook. Did you want to take another shot?

exchaser flint: *raising an eyebrow* I could have used my left arm. Then you'd be missing teeth. *cocks his head* Only if you think you deserve it. *shakes his head* Yes. You were drunk. So was I. It was a mistake. We both share the blame.

Coach Oliver W: *shakes his head, hands balling into fists* No, because only one of us betrayed Percy. *gives you a stare full of pain* And that's all mine to bear.

exchaser flint: He's my friend. Maybe it wasn't the same kind of betrayal, but I still betrayed his trust. *dropping his voice into a whisper* He forgave you, didn't he? Why are you killing yourself over a few kisses and a little groping?

Coach Oliver W: *hard stare* Oh, back to the friendly facade, are we? What have I done to merit this little farce?

exchaser flint: *glaring back* I wasn't aware we stopped being friends. Though if you'd rather have it that way.... *shrugs* ...I'm sure it can be arranged.

Coach Oliver W: *sour smile* I wasn't aware either, but then from the way you apparently delight in joining Davies in chortling about my shortcomings, I came to understand.

exchaser flint: *raises an eyebrow* We don't really...chortle. And certainly not about you. We have better things to do. *cocks his head* You should know by now that anything I say to insult you in a public forum is only for show, Oliver.

Coach Oliver W: Is it? Is it really? Because I know that's how Davies feels and I don't exactly appreciate you egging him on.

exchaser flint: *inclines his head slightly* Then I'll stop. And I'll ask Roger to keep his comments private. In the interest of peace and your sanity.

Coach Oliver W: *stone face* Thanks. But you'll feel differently tomorrow.

exchaser flint: *raises an eyebrow* And why's that? I don't usually change my mind that fast.

Coach Oliver W: *shakes head* Never mind. I'm going to be leaving the grounds for a few weeks, until the pitch is cleared. So, you'll be in charge of whatever goes on in this department.

exchaser flint: *giving him a look* You're....leaving. And putting me in charge. Are you feeling well? *sighs, shaking his head* Whatever's bothering you, and I won't pry because you obviously don't want me to know, I hope it gets better.

Coach Oliver W: If you're really Percy's friend...and I think you might be, he'll be needing you. *chews lower lip and reaches for the door*

exchaser flint: *nods* I'll look after him. *cocks his head* Be careful. And don't do anything too stupid. I'd hate to lose a friend.

Coach Oliver W: *departs, shoulder slumped*

exchaser flint: *watches him go, closing the door when he disappears from sight*