greyeyedweasley: *Percy shows up at the Three Broomsticks, not long after the last class of the day. He's looking much the same, but as if he's constantly on the verge of smiling. He seeks out Marcus and takes a stool in front of him at the bar.* Hello, Marcus. *small smile*

exchaser flint: *Marcus offers a small smile in return, setting the drink he'd been preparing down in front of a man farther down the bar, then walks back, resting his arms on the bar.* Hello, Percy. *He cocks his head slightly* You look happy.

greyeyedweasley: Happy? Well...*thinks* content, perhaps. Happy is certainly a stretch.

exchaser flint: *shrugs* Perhaps. Then, you look content. *raising his eyebrows with a slight smile at the correction* Any reason?

greyeyedweasley: *smirks* Perhaps I'm just happy to see you.

exchaser flint: *nearly grinning at that* Oh, yes. I can tell. *smirks* I didn't know you cared. *indicates a table with his chin* Wanna sit?

greyeyedweasley: Certainly.

exchaser flint: *grabbing a bottle of whiskey and two glasses from under the counter, just in case, indicating to one of the waitresses that he's leaving the bar, heads over to one of the tables, sitting once again with his back to the wall and facing the door, out of habit more than anything else*

greyeyedweasley: *sits opposite him* So, you're thinking of leaving here?

exchaser flint: *glances around, nodding* Yeah. *shrugs* It's been getting boring and repetitive. There's only so many sort-of fights that one can break up before it gets tedious.

greyeyedweasley: What are you thinking of doing if you do leave? *cautiously* Oliver mentioned something about...getting you back up to speed to play Quidditch.

exchaser flint: *shrugs again* Probably see about finding some shopkeeping job in the town. *smirks slightly, nodding* He's trying. I'm mostly trying not to kill him out of frustration. *smirk slips into a slight smile* He seems to think I might be able to play again after awhile.

greyeyedweasley: He told me. I think that's really good news.

exchaser flint: *inclines his head slightly, not letting on just how glad he is for the chance to play again, though his eyes brighten slightly at the subject* It is. It'd be good to get the chance to play again. It's not really something I'd thought about happening again. *clearing his throat slightly, Quidditch still a touchy subject with him, though not as badly as it was* How've you been? Aside from content, that is.

greyeyedweasley: *a touch teasingly* Quite content. Other than that, rather busy. Between teaching classes and marking all the homework I assign, well, I'm beginning to suspect I should lighten my students' workload, if only so I can have some time to myself.

exchaser flint: I'm sure the students be only too happy with that arrangement. Though that would also give them more time for their many, varied activities. *smirks* Which probably isn't a good thing. S'probably why Snape always assigned so much, to keep us in line.

greyeyedweasley: Perhaps. *small smile* I almost wish he was around more often. Almost. exchaser flint: *chuckles slightly* Yes. I'm sure most of my former housemates would actually prefer that.

greyeyedweasley: Well, if he could manage to impart his wisdom without a heavy dose of his personality, I wouldn't mind having him around, myself. As it stands, I would just be greatful for a day to go by without one student reminding me that I am not him.

exchaser flint: I don't think Snape's capable of that. He probably sees anyone asking for his opinion as a weakness to be attacked. A Slytherin flaw, perhaps. *raises an eyebrow* Well. You are living in his shadow. *shrugs* I'm sure most of them are happy to have you. Hell, I would have preferred you over Snape half the time.

greyeyedweasley: Oh my. *mild surprise* Is that actually a compliment?

exchaser flint: *raises an eyebrow* Don't let it go to your head. I could just as easily make it an insult to Snape.

greyeyedweasley: That's why I asked. *pauses* What was he like, when it was just the Slytherins? In public, he was always full of praise and in fact, outright favouritism. Were things different when no other students were around?

exchaser flint: Yes. It was a compliment. *thinks for a moment, then shrugs* He was worse, sometimes. We were expected to be better, stronger, smarter... *smirks slightly* Weakness gets you killed, or so we were taught by the older students or by Snape himself. *shakes his head* He worked us harder, and we were expected to take it and deal.

greyeyedweasley: I suppose that explains the...let's say, unique, Slytherin outlook. *pauses* I don't really buy into it all, myself. All this house rivalry is ridiculous. Competition is one thing. Healthy, even necessary. But outright hatred, because someone is Sorted into one house or another? Ridiculous.

exchaser flint: Mostly. The rest of the attitude is generally inborn. *nods slightly, offering a slight shrug* Ah, but eleven year-olds are very impressionable beings. Have the fact that you're supposed to hate the student wearing red beaten into you enough, and it becomes second-nature. *smiles slightly* But, yes, it is an utterly ridiculous idea.

greyeyedweasley: *thoughtfully* That explains much, actually.

exchaser flint: *inclines his head* So glad I could be of service. I do love being all helpful.

greyeyedweasley: I'm so sure. *short pause* Were you aware that Adrian Pucey is back up at the school?

exchaser flint: *nods a bit* Yeah. I heard. Last I thought he was still with the Ministry. Maybe he finally got common sense and got out.

greyeyedweasley: One could only hope, but from what he said, he's still there. We were in the same department, actually, back when I still worked there.

exchaser flint: *snorts, lips curling up into a smirk* Should I feel sorry for you or him? *cocks his head* He's here for that international quidditch thing, yeah?

greyeyedweasley: I can only assume so. *gives him a curious look* I was under the impression the two of you are friends. Or, were. You were housemates, and teammates at the very least.

exchaser flint: *blinks slightly* Were, is probably more accurate. We haven't actually said much to each other in years. Never really had the chance, differing paths and all. *snorts* Slytherin's not much for life-long bonds of love and joy.

greyeyedweasley: *opens his mouth to say something, stops, and then says* Gryffindor isn't always, either. You may find that a bit of a shock, yes?

exchaser flint: *regards him curiously for a moment, then nods* Indeed. That's not really the impression that Gryffindor usually gives out, actually. One big, happy family was always the impression I got.

greyeyedweasley: Not that I had a...falling out with anyone. It's just that I don't really keep up with anyone I went to school with. Except Oliver. And really, I didn't see any of him before I came back to teach.

exchaser flint: Not that I have either. Mostly, it was just those few that I played Quidditch against. Oliver, of course. And after the accident, I sort of closed myself off from everyone. Coming back to Hogsmeade is really the first time that I've seen anyone from school for prolonged periods of time.

greyeyedweasley: I can understand that feeling. Of wanting to cut everyone off, and just be left alone. *shrugs*

exchaser flint: *nods* It's better that way sometimes. *chuckles slightly, shaking his head* though our reason were probably completely different.

greyeyedweasley: *nods* Most likely.

exchaser flint: *smirks, sinking back in his chair slightly* Want to share? Or is this really only Marcus Flint Unburdens His Soul Night?

greyeyedweasley: *thoughtfully* Not in any great detail. It was...over a relationship. I'll tell you that much, for now.

exchaser flint: *nods slightly, accepting that* For now, then. I'll pry more later, I'm sure. I usually do.

greyeyedweasley: *nods* I expect as much. And I'll continue to hold out on you until I'm ready to talk. *smirks*

exchaser flint: *smirks back* Oh, a challenge, then. I like those. They keep me entertained.

greyeyedweasley: *smiles genuinely* I've been told I'm a challenge.

exchaser flint: *smiles back* Really? I've been told the same thing actually. Something else we have in common.

greyeyedweasley: Of course, if it was Oliver that told you that, perhaps he simply finds everyone a challenge.

exchaser flint: *laughs slightly, raising an eyebrow* Perhaps. He seems to find a lot of things a challenge. *shakes his head* That was probably uncalled for. *shrugs* Sorry.

greyeyedweasley: *waves it away* Actually, I think you're right. *small smile*

exchaser flint: *smiles slightly in return, cocking his head* Well, that was unexpected. Both the admission that I was right, and the one about Oliver. *chuckles, shaking his head slightly*

greyeyedweasley: *joins him in chuckling* I can be surprising, when I care to be.

exchaser flint: *smiles genuinely* I like it. It's refreshing.

greyeyedweasley: *blushes faintly* I've been called many things. This, however, is the first time for 'refreshing'.

exchaser flint: *smiles a bit more, enjoying the blush just a little bit* Well. I can be surprising as well. And it's true.

greyeyedweasley: Yes, you can. Had you told me three weeks ago we'd be sitting here, practically laughing like old friends, well...*thinks a moment* Had it been three weeks ago, and had it been you telling me that, I'd have no doubt returned with something nasty. *smirks*

exchaser flint: Somehow, three weeks ago, I doubt I would have said one civil word to you at all, let alone imply that I might actually enjoy your company. *smirks* And I would have said something nasty right back. I probably would have done that less than two weeks ago.

greyeyedweasley: True. *laughs, and tucks a lock of hair behind his ear* Did I actually come down here to...threaten you? Or...whatever it was, that I said that night?

exchaser flint: *taps his tongue against the bottom of his teeth as he smiles, laughing* I don't know. Did you? *cocks his head, narrowing his eyes slightly* When did you grow your hair out? I don't remember it being that long in school.

greyeyedweasley: Oh, this? *unties his hair, and it falls to below chin-length* Hmm....Just in the past year, really. Everyone seems to think it's some sort of...statement. About rebelliousness, or some nonsense like that. Or that I'm trying to be like my brother Bill. But honestly, I just like it.

exchaser flint: *studies him quietly for a moment, shrugs* It looks good. Not many people can pull it off. *smirks, tugging on a lock of his own bleached hair* I get the same. That I'm acting out, or making some kind of horrid fashion statement. Mostly, I was bored. And I like it, now, at least.

greyeyedweasley: It does look nice. It's a...refreshing change, from what I remember. That, and...*looks slightly uncomfortable and ties his hair back up*

exchaser flint: Refreshing? Yes, I suppose it is at that. *narrows his eyes, blinking slightly* What?

greyeyedweasley: *sighs* Not exactly polite, I suppose, but...your teeth. You've gotten them fixed, as well.

exchaser flint: *raise an eyebrow, smirking as he jokes* There was something wrong with my teeth? *shrugs* I never bothered to worry about them in school. Once I had the money to get them fixed properly, I went ahead and did it.

greyeyedweasley: *laughs* I just didn't want to be rude. They look good.

exchaser flint: *laughs* It's not rude. *blinks* Well, maybe a little bit, but coming from someone else. I'll trust that you didn't mean to be rude. *smiles genuinely, blushing faintly himself* Well. Thank you.

greyeyedweasley: You're quite welcome. *smiles back*

exchaser flint: *brushing a hand through his hair, still smiling* Again. You're managing to be surprising. Two compliments in a very short amount of time. I'm almost shocked.

greyeyedweasley: *smiles* I'm a bit more liberal with my compliments, when it comes to friends. And I'm beginning to consider you one.

exchaser flint: That's good to know. I like compliments. They make me feel special. *smiles slightly* Good. I'm beginning to to feel the same about you. And I don't compliment people easily. They have to earn it. You should be honoured.

greyeyedweasley: *smiles* I am. You're a decent fellow, once you let someone get to know you.

exchaser flint: Indeed. I'd let other people in, but they tend to annoy me. You, however, don't. *smirks* It's odd. Usually everyone annoys me. *smiles* And you're not as bad as everyone said in school, once you let people in.

greyeyedweasley: Oh. I'm not as bad. *smiles* Well, you should feel just as honoured. I don't let many people in.

exchaser flint: *smirks, joking* Oh, no, not as bad. I'm sure you're still pompous and arrogant as always. *smiles* I do. *cocks his head* I really do.

greyeyedweasley: *smiles back, genuinely* I suppose I ought to get going. Plenty of papers to mark, and all that.

exchaser flint: *smiles in return* Yes. And I should get back to work, before they fire me before I have the satisfaction of quitting. *rises to his feet*

greyeyedweasley: *stands, and holds out his hand to shake* I'll be seeing you around, Marcus.

exchaser flint: *takes his hand, shaking it, smiling slightly* Of course. Good night, Percy.

greyeyedweasley: *smiles back* Take care. *heads out, looking back once to give him a short wave before going*

exchaser flint: *waves back, shaking his head slightly as he heads back to the bar*