CoachMFlint: *walking down the corridor toward Wood's rooms, having just returned from his errand, reaching the door, rapping lightly on Wood's door, leaning against the wall next to it and waiting*

KeeperOWood: *walks to the door, stretching wide as he opens it, smiles slightly, stepping aside to let Flint in* Hello, honey.

CoachMFlint: *smirks as he steps past Wood, getting close to him* Hello, darling... *grins slightly, turning around and stepping inside* Lovely place.

KeeperOWood: *smiles slightly at that, closing the door and stepping in as well, slipping his hands into his back pockets as he looks around* It's liveable...

CoachMFlint: *walking around the perimeter of the room until he reaches Wood again, smirking* Given time you'll make it a home, I'm sure. *mirroring Wood's posture, simply because he can*

KeeperOWood: *raises an eyebrow, playfully rolling his eyes* Must we mock me every chance we get? *grins slightly, leaning back against the wall, arms folded over his chest*

CoachMFlint: *practically stalking forward, bracing his arms on either side of Wood's shoulders, half-smiling, half-smirking* Pretty much, yes. *raising his eyebrows right back, tilting his head slightly*

KeeperOWood: *flashes his cutest grin, leaning foward and taking Flint's bottom lip between his, slowly sucking on it, lightly stroking Flint's sides*

CoachMFlint: *smirking slightly, pressing closer to him, but keeping his hands braced against the wall, meeting Wood's eyes, leaning just slightly into his touch*

KeeperOWood: *stroking Flint's sides a bit harder, dipping his hands down to Flint's hips every now and then, sucking on his lip faster and harder, nipping slightly*

CoachMFlint: *moaning low and soft in his throat, hands finally slipping down to Wood's hips before his fingers tangle in the belt loops, shifting his weight slightly and rolling them until Flint's back is against the wall, tugging him closer*

KeeperOWood: *grins slightly, slipping his hands under the hem of Flint's shirt to stroke his bare sides and hips, still sucking his lip, playfully tugging at it with his teeth before sucking at it again, shifting his hips against Flint's*

CoachMFlint: *letting out a very slight sigh of contentment, slipping his own hands up under the hem of Wood's shirt, raking his fingernails down his back lightly as he arches up against him, capturing Wood's top lip with his own teeth, nipping gently before tugging it into his mouth, sucking lightly*

KeeperOWood: *still shifting his hips against Flint's, moaning softly, continuing to stroke Flint's side, running his hands down to Flint's hips, slipping them under the hem of Flint's pants to stroke his bare hips, tracing light circles with his fingertips, arching his chest into Flint's*

CoachMFlint: *growling softly against his mouth, shifting his hips up to rock against Wood's, hissing in a breath at the touch of his fingertips, tangling his legs with Wood's, pulling him a little closer, as he releases his lip and hungrily kisses him*

KeeperOWood: *moans a bit louder, massaging Flint's hips a bit harder, shifting closer, passionately returning the kiss*

CoachMFlint: *bringing his hand up to tangle in Wood's hair, deepening the kiss as he presses up against him, biting at his lips, moaning against his mouth*

KeeperOWood: *pressing Flint up against the wall as he shifts closer, bringing his hands back up Flint's sides, carrying his shirt with him, hungrily resuming the kiss*

CoachMFlint: *kissing him hard and hungrily for a moment, tangling his fingers roughly in Wood's hair, tugging him back and practically growling out* Mark me, Oliver... *kissing him hungrily again, deepening the kiss almost immediately*

KeeperOWood: *blinks at all of the force, blinking even more at what Flint says, hungrily kissing him for a few long moments, pulling back, lightly trailing his lips down Flint's jaw and neck, sucking at the spot that he is about to bite*

CoachMFlint: *arching his neck slightly, giving Wood more access, swallowing slightly, slipping his hands down Wood's side, tugging his hips closer, eyes flickering shut*

KeeperOWood: *sucks a bit harder before letting his teeth sink down into Flint's neck, biting him hard enough to leave a very definite mark, thrusting his hips into Flint's as he does so, sucking at the bite afterward, grinding his hips into Flint's*

CoachMFlint: *growls out* Fuck... *pressing his head back against the wall, hlaf-growling, half-purring as he grinds his hips up against Wood's, rolling his head to the side, letting Wood do what he wants*

KeeperOWood: *continues to suck and soothe the bite, his lips slowly travelling over the mark, still stroking Flint's sides, slipping a hand up to tangle in his hair, lightly stroking his hand through the hair on the back of Flint's head, gently holding him*

CoachMFlint: *eyes flutter shut, moaning softly, wrapping his arms around Wood's waist, letting out the breath he'd been holding, turning his head sligthly, kissing along Wood's jaw to whisper against his ear* Thank you.

KeeperOWood: *still lightly stroking Flint's sides and back, holding him close, continuing to let his lips travel over the bite mark, eyes flickering shut, whispers* Why'd you let me do that? *before pressing his lips against Flint's neck again, kissing down his throat and across his collarbone*

CoachMFlint: *shrugging slightly as he presses his head back into Wood's hand, eyes still lightly closed as he moans softly, muttering* Because. I wanted to. *there's obviously more to the story, but he's focusing on the feeling of Wood in his arms*

KeeperOWood: *shifts closer, practically cradling Flint, softly caressing his chest and back, still kissing across his shoulder, says nonchalantly* Spill or no sex. *cuddling a bit closer*

CoachMFlint: *sighing against his skin* I'm going to be vague, and you're going to accept that. The devil's in the details. Never forget that. *leaning back, his arms loosely around Wood's waist as he swallows slightly* I've been marked once before. Tonight, I'm sick of that mark. I wanted to feel someone else's for once. *his voice is blank and he's silently pleading that Wood not ask questions*

KeeperOWood: *smiles slightly, stealing a few light kisses* Oh. *can tell that Flint doesnt want him to ask questions, and respects that, resuming his attention on Flint's shoulders and back*

CoachMFlint: *relaxing slightly, returning the kisses, muttering against his mouth* Thank you. For respecting me enough not to question. *leaning back, hands slipping under the hem of Wood's shirt again, lifting it as he strokes up his back*

KeeperOWood: *smiles slightly* Of course I respect you... *nuzzles his lips* More than you think I do...apparently... *eyes flutter shut, leaning back into Flint's hands*

CoachMFlint: *smirks slightly* Well, considering we hated each other for several years... *removing Wood's shirt and lightly trailing his fingers down Wood's spine to his hips and repeating the process*

KeeperOWood: *smiles, giving him small, pecking kisses on his lips, jaw, and throat* Mmm...still... *smiles, pressing his chest against Flint's*

CoachMFlint: *wrapping his arms around him again, raising his eyebrows* Oh, you hate me, darling? I'm deeply wounded... *smiling slightly, kissing him lightly*

KeeperOWood: *smiles, shaking his head* No...still, you underestimate me... *returns the kiss* I like you, honey. Quite a bit, actually.

CoachMFlint: *smirks* I never underestimate you, darling. Never while in school, and certainly not now. *keeping his lips lightly against Wood's, raising an eyebrow slightly* Quite a bit, huh, darling? And what brought that on?

KeeperOWood: *smirks* That's nice to know. *shrugs slightly, stealing a few kisses* I dunno...I *raises an eyebrow* Why?

CoachMFlint: *smiles slightly, shrugging as well* Because I'm an annoyingly thorough and curious man. *looking away* And maybe I like knowing all the facts before I admit that I maybe like you too.

KeeperOWood: *smiles* S'not annoying. *ducks his head to the side to capture Flint's eyes, kissing his jaw* You do?

CoachMFlint: *smiles slightly* Some people think it is. *meets his eyes, half-smirking, half-smiling again* Maybe. *shrugs* I wouldn't heve let you do this... *trailing his fingers over the bite* ...If I didn't.

KeeperOWood: *shrugs, then smirks* Maybe? *smiles, kissing Flint's hand, then the bite*

CoachMFlint: *eyes flickering shut briefly, smirking* Maybe a little more than 'maybe'... *reaching up to tangle his fingers in Wood's hair, tugging his head up to kiss him*

KeeperOWood: *smiles, passionately returning the kiss, moaning softly against Flint's mouth, pressing him against the wall again*

CoachMFlint: *tugging his hips closer, deepening the kiss more, moaning low in his throat as he finds himself pressed up against the wall, arching his chest up against Wood's*

KeeperOWood: *lightly stroking Flint's chest, moaning softly, nipping at Flint's lips, pressing his thigh against Flint's groin*

CoachMFlint: *makes the growling-purr again as he shifts his hips down against Wood's thigh, moving his own leg between Wood's legs, pressing up against him and rubbing slightly*

KeeperOWood: *moans loudly, continuing to work his thigh, shifting against Flint's, kissing him deeply*

CoachMFlint: *moaning against his mouth, tangling his fingers a bit harder in Wood's hair as he shifts down against him, continuing to rock his thigh up against him, hungrily returning the kiss, darting his tongue out at his lips*

KeeperOWood: *continues to play give-and-take, arching his head back into Flint's hand, moaning softly, kissing him hungrily, darting his tongue out to meet Flint's*

CoachMFlint: *enjoying the game, using his own tongue to urge Wood's into his mouth, tugging him closer by the hand at the small of Wood's back and with the fingers in his hair, moaning a bit louder against his mouth as he moves against him*

KeeperOWood: *moves a bit faster against Flint, pressing closer to Flint, pressing him against the wall even more, moaning louder, shifting his hips as well*

CoachMFlint: *pressing harder up against him, moving harder against him as well, pressing as close as he can, letting himself be pinned to the wall, breaking the kiss to breathe, moaning raggedly*

KeeperOWood: *continues to shift against Flint, pressing against him even more, looking over at him as he breathes as well*

CoachMFlint: *pressing up against him, matching Wood's rhythm with his hips, breathing hard as he looks up to meet Wood's eyes*

KeeperOWood: *shifts against him faster and harder, pressing his hips as hard as he can, not breaking eye contact*

CoachMFlint: *holding his gaze as he rocks up against him, moving harder and faster as well, hissing out a breath, putting as much pressure as possible*

KeeperOWood: *grins slightly, slipping his hand down to run against the length of Flint's cock, teasing the head for a moment*

CoachMFlint: *lets out a low growl at that, pressing against his hand* God... *swallowing slightly, still not breaking eye contact as he moans low in his throat*

KeeperOWood: *continues to tease and shift against Flint's erection, his big, brown eyes a few inches from Flint's, smiling slightly as he breathes*

CoachMFlint: *his own eyes darken to a deeper blue, slipping his own fingers down to run along the length of him before slipping into his pants to wrap his hand around Wood's erection, squeezing slightly before starting to stroke him, using his hips to put pressure on the head*

KeeperOWood: *bites his lip, whispering breathlessly, fighting to keep his eyes open* can...have me...if you want... *pulls Flint closer, still looking into his eyes*

CoachMFlint: *blinks slightly, lightly touching his lips to Wood's, whispering* I. Of course, I want, but... *he tilts his head* I'm not gentle. Fair warning. *still looking into his eyes as well*

KeeperOWood: *smirks* I think it's sexy. *steals a kiss* I want you to be happy...we...can... *smiles, looking into his eyes* I'll live.

CoachMFlint: *smirks back* Sexy? That's a first. *returning the kiss, smiling slightly, not breaking eye contact* If you can't....just tell me to stop, and I will.

KeeperOWood: *reaches up to stroke Flint's cheek* I'll manage. Promise. *kisses him again, eyes flicking toward the bed*

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