CoachMFlint: *he's limping slightly as he walks down the corridor, and he looks worn. He's healed most of the damage, but there's still a cut on his lip that he didn't trust himself to heal. He knocks lightly on the door and waits. His arms crossed over his chest*

KeeperOWood: *has been pacing around for the past hour or so, rushing to the door, slowing as he reaches it as not to give himself away, opening it and ushering Flint in* You okay?

CoachMFlint: *stepping inside, favoring his left leg slightly, nodding slightly* I'm in one piece and breathing. *offering a slight smile and leaning against the wall, watching Wood through half-closed eyes*

KeeperOWood: *pulls Flint off of the wall and leading him toward the bed* Lay down. I've got pain killing potions and healing charms everywhere in here...

CoachMFlint: *laying down, wincing slightly, throwing an arm over his eyes, muttering* Thanks. I did what I could alone... *trails off with a slight shrug that only causes him to wince again*

KeeperOWood: *sighs, chewing on his bottom lip* Stay still. *starts muttering healing charms, giving Flint a strong pain killing potion, lightly applying a healing potion to Flint's lip with his ring finger*

CoachMFlint: *watching him from under his arm, eyes following every movement he makes, something would be disconcerting if Flint wasn't obviously in pain, swallowing slightly as the potion starts kicking in and his body slowly untenses*

KeeperOWood: *finishes with the charms and potions, sitting down next to Flint, slipping his lap under Flint's head to pillow it, mutters* Any better?

CoachMFlint: *eyes flickering shut as he just breathes for a moment, then he opens them, blinking slightly up at Wood, tilting his head slightly, whispering* Why are you doing this?

KeeperOWood: *smiles slightly* Because you're hurt... *lightly stroking Flint's cheek*

CoachMFlint: *narrows his eyes slightly, shaking his head* But why? Until a few days ago, I wasn't exactly the nicest person... *leaning into his touch slightly, muttering* Weasley was right. I don't deserve this.

KeeperOWood: *smoothing Flint's hair back, alternating between stroking his cheek and hair, still smiling slightly* Just because...okay? *raises an eyebrow* Why would he say that? Why is he acting so...strange...lately?

CoachMFlint: *nods slightly, turning slightly to lift the hem of Wood's shirt and pressing a soft kiss to the skin there before letting the shirt fall back down, sighs as he shifts back into place, leaning back into Wood's hand, looking up at him for a moment* Because he doesn't like me? Never has. *shrugs* With good reason, of course.

KeeperOWood: *smiles slightly at that, then shrugs* Well, I can see why he's mad at me...for this. I mean, you're horrible to him...but... *strokes Flint's hair again* ...I like you. I dunno... *shakes his head, shrugging*

CoachMFlint: *raises an eyebrow* I'm horrible to everyone. *smiles slightly* Most everyone. *sighing a little, he reaches up capturing his wrist, kissing the pulse point of Wood's wrist, shaking his head* Maybe you shouldn't.

KeeperOWood: *smiles, eyes flickering shut at that, raising an eyebrow, capturing Flint's gaze* Why not? You're good to me...

CoachMFlint: *not breaking eye contact, he shrugs slightly, murmuring* Do you realize what this started out as? I was trying to break you, get under your skin, and make you beg. It was a game. *sighing, he looks away, and muttering* And then...

KeeperOWood: *nods* Yeah...I know. I could tell... *raises an eyebrow, moving in a bit closer, keeping eye contact* And then what? I can take whatever it is...

CoachMFlint: *leans up slightly, smirking a little* And then, you persistent little git, I started falling for you. *raises an eyebrow, dropping back to rest his head in Wood's lap*

KeeperOWood: *grins, kissing Flint's forehead* I'll bet it was a bit of a kicker when I didn't beg, huh? *smiles, stroking his hair again*

CoachMFlint: *rolls his eyes* Yeah, well, you just don't know what's good for you. Most people would have begged. *shrugs* Besides, I liked it. You gave in eventually, and you didn't have to beg.

KeeperOWood: *smirks* I didn't need to. 'Sides, I knew you wanted me to...and you were willing without it. *smiles slightly, reaching down to massage Flint's shoulders slightly*

CoachMFlint: *smirks back* Ah, but I felt your pulse jump every time I touched you. You were more than willing as well. *bites his lip on the uninjured side, leaning into his touch slightly*

KeeperOWood: *smiles* Mmm...and? I still didn't have to beg. I admit it. I wanted you...still do. *massages his shoulders a bit harder*

CoachMFlint: *smiles, shaking his head slightly* No. But you gave me permission to take what I wanted. That was more than enough. *sinking back into the bed slightly, shifting his shoulders more into Wood's hands*

KeeperOWood: *smiles, kissing his forehead again* Well...that still stands. *massages harder, varying pressures slightly, trying to massage the kinks out of his shoulders*

CoachMFlint: *smiles back slightly* I'll keep that in mind... *eyes flickering shut, then he blinks them open, capturing Wood's gaze, moving a hand up to move his own collar to the side, revealing the bite still on his neck* I healed everything but that.

KeeperOWood: *smiles, reaching up to touch the bite mark* Why'd you keep it?

CoachMFlint: *arching his neck slightly, still looking up at him, whispering* Because I wanted to. Because despite the trouble it caused, I like it. And you.

KeeperOWood: *looking down at him, lightly stroking the mark, smiling slightly* I like you too. *grins* I've got all of mine... *softly* Tr-...nevermind. *reminds himself that he promised not to ask*

CoachMFlint: *sighing softly, smiling a little* Good. I don't want you healing any of the marks I give you. *his face falls slightly, and he nods* Ask. You know you want to.

KeeperOWood: *smiles, stealing a kiss* I won't. *shakes his head* No, I trust you. You said that I don't wanna know...and I respect that. Tell me when you're ready know better than I do.

CoachMFlint: *smiles slightly* Good. *shakes his own head* No, you don't want to know, but I'd rather do it now before I fall in love with you more, and either one of us gets hurt. *sighs* But the choice is yours. If you want to know....

KeeperOWood: *swallows, then blinks* You just said the word 'love' in connection with me...are you sure you're okay? *bites his lip* I do want to know...but...

CoachMFlint: *shrugs slightly* Yeah. I did. Maybe I got a head injury or something. *looks up at him, taking a deep breath* I told you I was marked by someone else. This...person did not approve of me wearing someone else's claim. I paid penance tonight.

KeeperOWood: *looks down* ...oh. Yeah...'m sure...injury... *sighs, meeting his eyes* Wh-...b-...oh.

CoachMFlint: *looking up at him* It's not a head injury. I said I was falling for you, didn't I? *blinks, looking away* Yeah. Oh. *eyes drifting shut and he just waits*

KeeperOWood: *smiles slightly* Yeah. *bites his lip, closing his eyes and swallowing* I've got an amazing guess as to who and what you're talking about...a-and...I... *looks away* I don't know what to say.

CoachMFlint: *snorts slightly* Want proof? *rolls the sleeve of his left arm up, revealing the Dark Mark still burning a brillant shade of red, shakes his head* Right. There's really nothing to say. *rising to his feet and walking away from the bed, but he stops before going too far, sighing and turning around to face him again*

KeeperOWood: *blinks, pulling his knees up to his chest, looking down at the bed, speechless, not wanting him to go, but wary of his Death Eater status*

CoachMFlint: *stands there in indecision for a moment, finally sighs, stepping back over and kneeling down in front of the bed. He braces his hands on the edge of it, looking up at him* It wasn't a lie. Everything I said before...with the 'love' and everything. *looking away* Right. I'll go if you want me to.

KeeperOWood: *bites his lip, looking up and suddenly pressing his lips to Flint's, giving him a deep kiss, not wanting anything else in the world at the moment*

CoachMFlint: *blinks in surprise, then leans into the kiss, wrapping an arm around Wood's shoulder, deepening the kiss and bringing his other hand to tangle in Wood's hair.*

KeeperOWood: *moans softly, leaning into the kiss as well, tightening his arms around Flint's shoulders, losing himself in the moment*

CoachMFlint: *shifting up and crawling up on the bed, not breaking the kiss at all, tightening his arms as he presses against him, shifting them both back further on the bed*

KeeperOWood: *deepens the kiss, darting his tongue into Flint's mouth, tangling a hand in Flint's hair, tangling his legs with Flint's*

CoachMFlint: *laying down on top of Wood, fingers still tangled in his hair, kissing him deeply and hungrily, trying to forget everything but the feeling of Wood in his arms*

KeeperOWood: *passionately returns the kiss, tightening his arms around Flint, wanting to feel him, urging him closer, roughly stroking his hand through Flint's hair*

CoachMFlint: *shifting his hands down, pushing them up under Wood's shirt, pushing it up and off, abandoning all thoughts of being gentle, just wanting to feel his skin again, deepening the kiss more, darting his tongue out, playing give-and-take with that*

KeeperOWood: *moans, practically ripping Flint's short off in an effort to get contact with his skin, pressing Flint's chest to his, playing Flint's game as well, roughly darting his tongue about in Flint's mouth*

CoachMFlint: *growling against his mouth, pressing his chest down against Wood's, pressing his hips hard down against Wood's, hands slipping down Wood's side, fingers digging in occasionally, bruising just a little, biting at Wood's lips, just hard enough to a tiny bit of blood*

KeeperOWood: *moans in return, roughly pulling him closer, ehxibiting a raw passion rarely seen in him, biting Flint's lips as well, although not drawing blood, sucking on Flint's bottom lip, trying to get closer*

CoachMFlint: *moans against his mouth, sucking on his lip as well, moaning lower at the taste of him, pressing closer, wanting more of him, hands moving down to tug on the waist of his pants, urging his hips up against his, wanting to feel all of him, working on raw passion and pure emotion now*

KeeperOWood: *groans with pleasure, moaning lower, shifting up against him, pulling him closer, passionately kissing him, tangling a hand in his hair, the other wrapped around his back*

CoachMFlint: *his hands practically ripping Wood's pants open, needing more of him, pushing them down, then stroking his hands back up Wood's side, hungrily returning the kiss, bringing his hands up to tangle in Wood's hair, tugging just a little rougher than normal*

KeeperOWood: *does the same to Flint's pants, pulling him closer, tangling their legs again, hands gripping at the small of Flint's back, leaving bruises, kissing him as deeply as he can*

CoachMFlint: *groans against his mouth, pressing his hips down against Wood's, moaning loudly at the contact, shifting his hips down against Wood's, sliding his hands down, stroking his skin lightly then digging his fingers into Wood's hips, leaving bruises there as well, kissing him roughly and forcefully*

KeeperOWood: *lets out a ragged moan, pulling Flint closer, returning the kiss with equal force, digging his fingernails into Flint's back, arching his chest into Flint's*

CoachMFlint: *growling against his mouth, teeth tugging at Wood's lip again, before kissing him hungrily again, pressing his hips down hard and fast against Wood's, letting the friction build*

KeeperOWood: *moans louder, returning Flint's shifting motions, kissing him brutally, letting all of his pent up emotions out*

CoachMFlint: *putting as much pressure as he can down against him, returning the kiss with equal brute force, tightening his fingers on Wood's hips, bruising him even more*

KeeperOWood: v*digs his fingernails into Flint's back again, kissing him even harder, likely to bruise their lips, no caring, pulling him even closer, needing to be near him*

CoachMFlint: *wanting the bruising, wanting more of Wood, digging his fingernails in as well, very close to drawing blood there as well as, shifting his hips harder against Wood's as he moves closer, tugging Wood's hips up against him*

KeeperOWood: *growls low in his throat, the friction getting to him, moans* Take me... *shifts closer*

CoachMFlint: *growls in response to that, digging his fingernails into Wood's hips a little more before turning him over, reaching up and pinning Wood's arms against the bed, muttering a lubricating charm, shifting into place, and entering him in one push, still operating on raw emotion*

KeeperOWood: *moans low in his throat at that, shifting back against Flint's hips, resting back against Flint*

CoachMFlint: *pressing harder into him, reaching under him and wrapping his hand around him, moving his hand in time with his hips, moving harder and faster, not even thinking about being gentle, pressing his face against Wood's shoulder*

KeeperOWood: *moans raggedly, encouraging Flint to go faster, shifting with Flint's hips and hands, pressing his back to Flint's chest*

CoachMFlint: *growling against his skin, pushing into him harder and faster, keeping his hand moving, using his thumb to massage the head, body tightening as he moves harder itno him, pressing his chest against his back*

KeeperOWood: *moans low in his throat, thrusting into and out of Flint's hand, body starting to tense*

CoachMFlint: *presses his lips against Wood's ear, growling out* Come for me... *tightening his hand just slightly around Wood's cock, moving it harder on him, body tensing more as he moves in him*

KeeperOWood: *breaks at that, coming hard, still shifting back against Flint's hips, moaning softly*

CoachMFlint: *moans against his shoulder as he comes hard as well, pressing his forehead against Wood's shoulder, breathing heavily, and pulling him closer*

KeeperOWood: *shifts closer, moaning softly, eyes lightly shut, pretty worn out, reaching back to stroke Flint's thigh*

CoachMFlint: *pulls out of him, shifting down next to him, arms loosely around him, whispers, his own voice sounding tired as well* I'll leave if you want....

KeeperOWood: *turns over, curling up against Flint's chest* No...stay. *looks over at him, eyes heavy with sleep* I-...I can't...I can't let you go. I want know...but then...I'm falling for you...more than I have for anybody...ever. I hate what you do...but... *sighs*

CoachMFlint: *wrapping his arms around him, whispering* Hate the sin, but not the sinner? *pressing his face against the curve of Wood's shoulder, lightly stroking the bruises he left, whispers* No harm will come to you because of this...of us. You're mine... *his fingers move up to touch his own bite, murmuring* And I'm yours....

KeeperOWood: *bites his lip* Kinda... *shifts closer* I just know that this feels too right... *steals a kiss* And I am yours...and you're mine...

CoachMFlint: *nods slightly, not going to make promises that he'll get out or stop because he's not sure he can. not without getting them both killed but he's not willing to lose Wood either* This is right. *returning the kiss, smiling slightly* Glad we're in agreement there, darling... *stealing another kiss as he settles down*

KeeperOWood: *eyes flicker shut, breathing him in, settling closer* It is...I can feel it. *smiles* As am I, honey. *blinks sleepily* 'm tired...night, Marc. *kisses him one last time, settling down and going to sleep*

CoachMFlint: *blinks at the nickname, shaking his head slightly, willing to accept it* Night, Oliver... *watches him sleep, quickly drifting off as well*